Thursday, November 26

Shaman Talent Guide

  • Can heal
  • Can melee or caster DPS
  • Can shapeshift into ghost wolf for faster run speed
  • Can walk on water
  • Has Ancestral Recall (second hearthstone basically)
  • Buffs players via totems
  • Can only wear up to mail armor
  • Totems are easy to destroy
Stats To Get For Healing:
  1. Spellpower
  2. Mana Regen, Intellect
  3. Stamina, Spirit, Crit

Stats To Get For Caster DPS:
  1. Spellpower
  2. Crit, Spell Hit
  3. Intellect, Stamina, Mana Regen
Stats To Get For Melee DPS:
  1. Agility, Hit
  2. Expertise, Intellect
  3. Stamina, Crit
  4. Spellpower (part of melee DPS will be magic attacks)

Gear to Look For
Bandit, Eagle, Elder, Falcon, Hunt, Hierophant, Invoker, Monkey, Owl, Physician, Prophet, Sorcerer

Talent Templates
The talent tree I've chosen as best for grinding is enhancement. You can do it in elemental if you want but I seem to have problems surviving when fighting multiple mobs there or I run out of mana and there's down time. With enhancement you have all kinds of tools that are at your disposal to help with multiple mobs, like ghost wolves, and there's not much down time with Shamanistic Rage.

Rotation Suggestion
Stormstrike, Flame Shock, Lava Lash, Maelstrom Proc or Auto Attack then repeat (don't forget to imbue your weapons with Windfury and Flametongue)

Major Glyphs to Get
Glyph of Lavalash
Glyph of Lightning Shield

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