Sunday, November 29

Go through invisible walls

World of Warcraft exploiting on a live server 3.2.2.

I'm being dumb and sharing all my exploits to the public... yes you. I show how to do all my exploits, and I hope you enjoy. Blizzard will probably fix this soon, until then you guys can exploit the hell out these glitches.

The macro I use:

/run if(not scm) then scm = SendChatMessage; end; function SendChatMessage(msg,type,lang,chan) scm("\124cFF00FFCC\124Hitem:19:0:0:0:0:0 :0: \124h" ..msg.. "\124h\124r",type,lang,chan);end;

Please copy and paste this in your macros. You need this to successfully exploit my glitches.

Special thanks to OotHE, for all his videos! Without him I wouldn't of been able to find these exploits.

World of Warcraft exploring on a live server 3.2.2.:

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