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Warlock Talent Guide

  • Can summon pets to help fight
  • Creates health stones and soulstones
  • Can summon other players by summoning a summoning stone
  • Can heal itself by draining the health of enemies
  • Capable of causing high amounts of AoE and single target damage
  • Can only wear cloth
  • Cannot melee well
  • Certain spells require the use of soulshards
Stats To Get
  1. Spellpower
  2. Crit, Spell Hit
  3. Intellect, Stamina
  4. Spirit
Gear to Look For
Since you will be wearing only cloth and you'll only be casting you will be using caster type gear.
Eagle, Elder, Hierophant, Invoker, Owl, Physician, Prophet, Sorcerer

Talent Templates
Most people feel comfortable stacking points into demonology so they can buff their pets like
hunters do. While that is a viable option for grinding, the most fun and efficient way to farm
mobs is through the affliction tree.

Rotation Suggestion
Shadow Bolt, Haunt, Corruption, Unstable Affliction, Curse of Agony, Shadow Bolts until you have to renew DoTs.
Use Lifetap to keep mana full
Use Drain Soul on mobs with low health instead of Shadow Bolt

Major Glyphs to Get
Glyph of Haunt
Glyph of Corruption

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