Tuesday, December 1

Warrior Talent Guide


  • Have higher HP base than some of the other tanks
  • Can tank with shield
  • Can wear plate
  • Can use all weapons except wands
  • Can tank or DPS
  • Can't heal
  • Very limited ranged abilities
  • Limited party buffs
  • More activity required to control threat than some other tanks
Stats To Get For Tanking:
  1. Defense, Stamina
  2. Expertise, Hit, Dodge, Parry
  3. Agility, Strength
Stats To Get For DPS:
  1. Strength, Hit
  2. Expertise, Crit, Agility, Attack Power
  3. Stamina
Gear to Look For
Bandit, Bear, Beast, Champion, Monkey, Soldier, Tiger

Talent Templates

You can farm effectively in any of the three trees, however, if you do protection it is slow in the beginning levels, but protection is king for soloing bosses, hard mobs, or even AoE grinding at the higher levels. But for farming only purposes, I have selected fury.

Rotation Suggestion
Blood Thirst, Whirlwind

If Bloodsurge procs make sure to throw in your instant Slam. Use Heroic Strike or Cleave for ragedump depending on what you are fighting.

Major Glyphs to Get
  • Glyph of Whirlwind
  • Glyph of Bloodthirst

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