Thursday, January 7

Farming Iceweb Spider Silk

Iceweb Spider Silk is used by Tailors in various epic and rare tailoring patterns such as spellthreads, mounts, and gear. On average it sells for 1g and 50s each or 30g a stack. Iceweb Spider Silk only drops in Drak'Tharon Keep, Naxxramas, The Storm Peaks, and Zul'Drak.

The following map shows you where you can find Iceweb Spider Silk in The Storm Peaks.

It drops off of Crystalweb Spitters (29%), Crystalweb Weavers (29%), and Icetip Crawlers (6%).

The following map shows the locations where you can find Iceweb Spider Silk in Zul'Drak.

It drops off of Trapdoor Ambushers (38%) and Trapdoor Crawlers (28%).

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