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Farming Relics of Ulduar

Relics of Ulduar are a staple of the economy and will remain so until an easier to obtain shoulder enchant is released. All level 80s who are not scribes will need to earn Sons of Hodir reputation to earn their level 80 shoulder enchant. They drop from most mobs in The Storm Peaks, some have higher chances than others, but most of all, some have overall higher yields if you consider all of what they drop combined. For example, Seething Revenants east of Dun Niffelem near Fjorn's Anvil, have a reasonable drop rate for both Relics of Ulduar and Crystallized Fire. However, they are Fire Elementals that are often heavily farmed.

Each area tends to have its downsides and sometimes you might just be sick of an area and want new scenery. So, I've listed my top 5 favorite Relic farming areas, each has a high overall yield from either Eternals or Frostweave.

A) Nidavelir
The Stormforged Magus, War Golems, Champions and Artificers are probably the best farming spot for Relics of Ulduar. On both sides of the valley there are tons of Stormforged humanoids who drop tons of Frostweave and Relics. They are tightly packed and there are enough to keep going forever.

B) Sifreldar Village
Sifreldar village is my second favorite spot for farming Relics. The Sifreldar Storm Maidens and Runekeepers drop extra Frostweave Cloth along with Relics.

C) Thunderfall
Thunderfall is a great place for Relics. It would be my first pick if it wasn't so heavily populated by people doing Sons of Hodir dailies. The Niffelem Forefathers, Restless Frostborn Ghosts and Warriors drop plenty of Frostweave Cloth. This is a good place to go during obscure server hours, like 5am ST.

D) Fjorn's Anvil
Fjorn's Anvil is a classic place to farm both Crystallized Fire, the Seething Revenants drop the Relics along with Crystallized Fire, sometimes I go here for the bonus of getting the extra Eternals. You can sneak out onto Frostfield Lake and kill Brittle Revenants too, they drop Crystallized Earth and Relics.

E) The Howling Hollow
This cave is full of Scion of Storms, they drop Crystallized Air and Relics. This is a good spot to get away from the crowd if Thunderfall and Fjorn's Anvil is too populated and you don't want to fly across the zone.

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