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Northrend Rare Mob Hunting

The rare mobs of Nothrend (the Silver Elites as they are also called) are a step up in terms of loot from their Outland and Azeroth counterparts. That, plus the Northern Exposure achievement (that requires killing at least once every single rare mob of Northrend), makes finding the Silver Elites a daunting task for the uninitiated hunter.

Not only do these hunted creatures drop various blue items, but also each of them is guaranteed to drop the Abandoned Adventurer’s Satchel. This container holds anything between 15 to 25 gold, a stack of Frostweave and various Crystallized Elementals.

Each zone is home to several Silver Elites and the below macro will allow you to trawl each area and simply spam one button as you fly over the potential spawn points of these endangered beings.

The macro only contains the first few letters of each rare mob’s name so that it fits in just 1 macro and can be easily spammed in whichever zone you are.

/tar Ao
/tar Crazed I
/tar Dir
/tar Fu
/tar Grie
/tar Groc
/tar High T
/tar Hildan
/tar Icehor
/tar King K
/tar King P
/tar Loq
/tar Old C
/tar Pero
/tar Putridu
/tar Scarlet Highl
/tar Seething H
/tar Sy
/tar Te
/tar Tuk
/tar Vig
/tar Vyr
/tar Zul'drak S

Just open your macro window, create a new macro and copy the above targeting text there. Then assign this to an easily accessible key and you are good to hunt for these elusive monsters.

The map below will also help you coordinate your search, as it presents a rough outline of where you will be likely to find rare beasts.

Silver Elites are usually extremely hard to find also because of their wonky spawn schedules. Some have 20 hour long spawns (spawning once every 20 hours), some need to be triggered by killing mobs in an area until the RNG (random number generator)slips the rare spawn instead of normal mobs, while others are dependant on other Silver Elites in the same area. Perseverance will certainly pay off though and you will almost surely be able to find and kill many of the Elites if you look for them on a daily basis.

Each Northrend zone is home to several Elites and below we will shortly present all of them.

Borean Tundra

Icehorn, a Rhino by design, is found just SE of Death’s Strand. He drops Mammoth Hair Crown (with random stat modifiers) in addition to the Satchel.

Old Crystalbark spawns in Coldarra and patrols around the Nexus. His main drop is a plate gauntlet with random modifiers (Crystalbark’s Toenail).

Fumblub Gearwind is piloting a Gyrocopter and patrols the Geyser Fields just north of Kaskala. He drops a leather chest, Fumblub’s Seat Cushion.

Crazed Indu’le Survivor can be found usually just around Star’s Reach. The Tuskarr drops a pair of leather shoulders with random modifiers, the Seal-Fur Spaulders.

Scarlet Highlord Daion resides in New Hearthglen. She drops mail trousers, Highlord’s Padded Legguards.

Tukemuth is a neutral Mammoth patrolling the area around Wyrmrest Temple. He is stronger than normal Silver Elites and at 40k health it is not advisable to try soloing him until level 74-75. When killed he drops Mammoth-Riding Boots.

Grizzly Hills

Seething Hate is a Flesh Beast usually spawning in the caves south of Bluesky Logging Grounds. He leaves behind Ichor-Stained Wraps, a pair of blue cloth bracers.

Grocklar is an Iron Giant patrolling the SW part of Grizzly Hills. He is tough to solo by anyone under level 75 as he has 41k health and can crit for 4-5k. Still, if you manage to slay him, he will drop the Rock Giant’s Pinky Cover, a mail glove with random modifiers.

Syreian the Bonecarver is a Vrykul huntress that spawns in the area south of Thor Modan. She drops a pair of leather leggings, Syreian’s Leggings.

Howling Fjord

King Ping is, funnily enough, a penguin. A killer penguin noless! He spawn near Scalawag Point and drops an Egg-Warming Blanket (cloth chest) when slaughtered.

Vigdis the War Maiden is a Vrykul huntress spawning just west of Nifflevar. She drops a plate belt, the Soul-Sealed Belt.

Perobas the Bloodthirster is a Worgen that patrols around Caldemere Lake. From him you can get the mail Worgen-Scored Shackles.


High Thane Jorfus can spawn in many places in Icecrown, but is usually found either in the Fleshwerks or in Sindragosa’s Fall. He drops the Corroded Faceguard, a plate helmet.

Hildana Deathstealer is a Val’kyr that usually makes her home at the Savage Ledge in Jotunheim. She drops a mail chest, the Val’kyr Vestments.

Putridus the Ancient is a Flesh Giant that patrols all around Ymirheim in the valleys below. His path will take him through extremely hostile territory and considering he has 75k health and hits hard, it is advisable to try and pull him alone. He drops Giant’s Toewrap, a leather bracer.

Sholazar Basin
Aotona is a giant Bird patrolling the Wildgrowth Madrigal in Sholazar Basin. It drops Aotona’s Collar, a plate bracer.

King Krush, a Devilsaur patrolling the Wildgrowth Madrigal and the southern area of Sholazar, is a hard to kill Silver Elite. His 40k health may not seem like much, but he deals a lot of damage and often fears his victim. When disposed of, he drops King’s Eyesocket, a blue ring.

Loque’nahak is a Spirit Beast (the only one of its kind tameable by Hunters) and thus it is heavily camped. If you manage to find and kill it, it drops either Loque’nahak’s Severed Fang (necklace) or Loque’nahak’s Pelt (cloak).

Storm Peaks
Dirkee is a tough mechano-gnome patrolling the central area of Storm Peaks. He has around 50k health and hits plate wearers for up to 1.5k at a time. When killed he drops either the Titanium Brain-Gear (ring) or Dirkee’s Superstructure (a great 2handed mace, one of the few items dropped by Silver Elites that does not come with generic random modifiers).

Vyragosa is a Blue Dragon that flies around in the W part of Storm Peaks, near the Temple of Storms and Frosthold. She shares her spawn with the most sought after rare mob in the game, the Time-Lost Protodrake. When killed, she drops the Azure Dragonleather Helm.

Time-Lost Protodrake… oh how I camped you! The Silver Elite is known to always drop the Reigns of the Time-Lost Protodrake, a very special and very recognizable flying mount. Besides the mount, his loot table includes the Time-Forward Talisman, a blue necklace. He shares spawns with Vyragosa, so if she is up, the Protodrake will not be spawned.

Griegen is an Undead that spawns in the Dead Fields of Zul’Drak. It drops Ethereal Terror Handwraps, a pair of leather gloves.

Zul’drak Sentinel spawns smack down in the center of Zul’Drak. He drops a pair of plate legs, the Eternal Observer’s Legplates. He is tough to solo, having 45k health, dealing a ton of damage and Hexing (Polymorphing) every few seconds.

Terror Spinner is a Spider patrolling a small area in the NE part of Zul’Drak. He drops Calcified Web Spaulders, a pair of mail shoulders.

Besides the achievement, the loot and the prestige, Silver Elites are also much like miniquests. They require patience, luck and determination to find and when you do manage to down one, the reward is almost certainly worth it. So if you ever have time to spare and want to do something besides grinding, raiding or PvPing – go hunt some rares!

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