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Wednesday, January 13

Rapid Boosting 45 to ~63 in UBRS (2 Million+ XP/Hr with RAF)

This guide describes how to use a level 80 tank to boost one or more characters in Upper Black Rock Spire. This may be considered an exploit, but I believe it's just clever use of game mechanics.

I use an 80 Protection Paladin for this and the numbers in my examples are effected by the Recruit-A-Friend Bonus. I am boosting 2 characters, level 55 and 53 in this example. The level requirement for Blackrock Spire is 45.

The area we will be working is the first room in UBRS, just past the antechamber of Blackrock Spire. I clear the antechamber each instance reset so my low levels have a safe place to hang out.

Just inside the old locked gate of URBS is a room with 7 chambers, each with a rune on the floor.

The red spots mark the location of this mob:
Blackhand Summoner

These mobs spawn portals through which adds are summoned to the fight. The long and short of this boosting technique is to aggro 4-6 of these summoners, run to an out-of-line-of-sight location, and let them summon a huge number of adds.

After initially pulling the first 4 chambers, I back into a corner and let them pile up.

A few tips:
  1. Turn off Retribution Aura - The summoners will sometimes swing on you and will eventually kill themselves if Ret Aura is up.

  2. I use Seal of Light and Judge Light on "Summoned (Mob Name) only. Don't kill your summoners. Otherwise I only use defensive skills until I have to kill them all off.

  3. Bring at least 2 Shields. Eventually you will be able to watch the durability on your shields go to 0 rather quickly. Having 1-2 backups lets you tank them much longer, and the run to Thorium Point and back to repair a shield takes longer then the actual pull.

I do all I can to stay up for as long as possible. Finally, when I can't stay up any longer, I switch to Ret Aura, Seal of Vengence and start killing them off.

I haven't tried counting the number of mobs in each seperate pull. However, something interesting happens when enough of them are up. Mobs that you kill will almost instantly despawn. I think this depends on the number of other dead mobs, but I'm not 100% sure.

Finally, for the one pull I did to grab the screenshots for this post, here is the TitanXP results:

I have not tried this out of the RAF bonus, but I believe it would still be an extremely fast way to blow through level 45 to about 63.

Additionally, if this was done with another 80 (probably in plate), 1 person could tank while another loots the mobs. They drop decent silver for their level (up to 35 silver each). The Blackhand Veterans in the groups have an annoying charge and knockback that might make this difficult.

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