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Tuesday, January 12

Farming Meat for a good amount of gold

There are all sorts of meats that sell on the Auction House for a good amount of gold. Not a whole lot of people go and farm meat so if you can create a stockpile of this stuff and put it on the market at the right time you can make serious bling. If you're a skinner then you are in for double duty, since all the beasts in world of Warcraft are skinnable. Here's a list of the most popular meat, following are maps where to farm the stuff. Keep in mind the average auction house values are average across hundreds of realms and are best used as a guideline not an actual amount.

Meat Recommended Level
Chunk o' Mammoth 70-80
Chilled Meat 70-80
Rhino Meat 70-80
Shoveltusk Flank 70-80
Worg Haunch 70-80
Worm Meat 70-80

Chunk o' Mammoth
This stuff is used when cooking Great Feasts, Mega and normal Mammoth Meals and Spiced Mammoth Treats.

Shattertusk Mammoth
The Shattertusk Mammoths have a 100% chance to drop Chunk o' Mammoth.

Mammoth Calves and Wooly Mammoths (level 70+)
The Mammoths in this area (Wooly, Bulls and even Calves) have a 50% chance to drop Chunk o'Mammoth and are levels 68-70.

Chilled Meat
Chilled meat drops from all Northrend mobs (except those that drop a specific type of meat, like Mammoths, Worms, Shoveltusk, etc). It is also valuable since cooks need about 5 a day to do their Dalaran Cooking Dalies.

Sholazar Basin (level 76+)
The Hardknuckle Cargers and Foragers have about a 60% chance to drop Chilled Meat.

Rhino Meat
Rhino Meat is used for Hearty Rhino, normal and Mighty Rhino Dogs and Rhinolicious Wormsteaks.

Borean Tundra (level 70+)
There's no reason to go anywhere else for your fix of Rhino Meat. There herb in Borean Tundra contains Wooly Rhino Calves, Matriarchs and Bulls that you can slaughter. Afterwards, head north and get your fix of Mammoth too.

Shoveltusk Flank
Shoveltusk Flanks are used in Shoveltusk Steaks, Tender Shoveltusk Steaks and Great Feasts and therefore fetch a great price.

Howling Fjord
Shoveltusks of any kind are only found in Howling Fjord. The best density of them is on the western continent where you will find Shoveltusk Calves, Stags and plain old "Shoveltusks" which all have a 40-50% drop rate.

Worg Haunch
These are used for mostly haste food, specifically: Roasted Worg, Very Burnt Worg and Worg Tartare.

Howling Fjord
There are plenty of low level Fanggore Worgs in Howling Fjord, these have a drop rate of 44%.

Worm Meat
Worm Meat is used in the Great Feast recipe as well as making Rhinolicious Wormsteak, Worm Delight and Spiced Worm Burger.

The Storm Peaks
This cave in The Storm Peaks has a ton of Jormungars which have a 100% chance to drop Worm Meat. There are also a lot of Worgs in this cave.

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