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Monday, January 11

RAF (Recruit A Freind) Instance Powerleveling Guide

Assuming you are already familiar with the RAF process, this guide will show the most effective (that ive seen)
way to level 1-60 with RAF, with the "trial" account only upgraded with vanilla (Horde Side)

Map Key:
Blue = Enter Path
Green = Exit Path

First, i did all of this on a level 80 Unholy DK, back when Unholy Blight was an AOE around the caster, this allowed increased aggro range of low level mobs, making the process faster, he was wearing full dps gear 213 i level (nax25), and the 2 low level accounts (fully upgraded account and a new trial account) for 3 accounts total

1-8. for the first 8 levels simply quest and the prefered starting zone (IE: if the 2 raf chars are a Orc and Undead, pick Durotar or Silverpine, i find Durotar fastest)

8-15. Ounce you reach level 8, its time to head off to RFC, you only have to bring 1 of them low levels there, the DK i was using had a Mechano-Hog to drive him there, and he summoned the other account.

In the map it represents the path i take through RFC, on average RFC takes about 4min to clear and reset, after 5 runs you will be, if not at close to 15, if u need more runs and have reached the hour limit, wait, or log off if your going to time /played.

***NOTE*** Make sure to get the quest to aquire the heart from the Fel Guard Boss, this gives ALOT of xp, get it from the orc in the hut outside RFC. - Slaying the Beast

15-20. at 15 head to Wailing Caverns, in Wailing caverns i clear almost everything, skipping the escort quest, here is the path i use to clear it, i also pick up the quest to aquire 20 hides, and kill 7 of all the types of mobs, located above the entrance to WC, they give alot of xp.

20-38. at 20, time to head to SM cath, SM cath i do in 2 major pulls, the outside and inside, the outside ill run the right side of the hallways, and send my pet to aggro the left side, using ranged moves to gather the middle, we meet upstairs to do the second round and usally ill aoe everything down at the gate, ill open the gate and agro the boss pulling the whole room, aoe clear and reset, this is one of the fastest instance cleared, and your gonna have to wait for the hour reset alot.

38-44. head to ZF, you dont spend much time here, but make sure on your way to pick up the Ghaz'rilla Fang quest at the Raceway, and gather up the Troll Temper quest, Shell Quest, and Rod quest in Gadgetzen. at the stairway i run down and aggro everything, you end up having to wait about 2min, a few extra mobs will spawn until the boss will show, the room with all the scarabs i also aggro and kill, i do skip the graves though. quests are acceptable at level 42

44-49. at 44 go to ST (sunken temple), i run in the instance, going straight ahead going left, circle around to all trolls killing them and aggroing all trash along the way, ounce the last troll is dead, kill all trash and jump down, head towards the troll boss, dont aggro trash (intentionaly), ounce dead head to Eranikus, kill him, walk back as if leaving the instance, stop at the T intsersection and wait for all the dragonkin to reach you, AOE them down and then exit the instance & reset.

49-60. Strath dead&live, i run in the live side go into the cathedral and head to dead, kill the banshee and baron and then exit the dead side, enter on the dead side and reverse going dead side first and then going live, exit live, enter live and so on, you get the point.

Other Tips and info: if the trial if upgraded to BC (if the account is going to be used) at 55 switch to ramparts, ull need a mage portal to shatt to get there but its much faster.

At level 59 or so if you dont want to continue doing runs, grab all the quests at the town in EPL that have you gather 30 XXX item (core of elements, dark iron scraps, bone fragments, ext, ext) buy all the items from the AH and together they are will get you around a level

with this, my record is level 60 after 13 hours /played, but most of the time i stayed logged in the game waiting for hour resets, logging out and moving faster would of reduced this a great sum.

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