This video showcases how to farm 1000+ gold an hour as a rogue with engineering. Without tailoring and enchanting on an alt or a friend, it bumps it down to about 800 or so gold. This method takes some skill to pull off, so practice practice practice!

The awesome part is, is that it doesn't rely 100% on the auction house. You make far more gold off silver / greys from this method than you do doing dailies, in far less time and hassle as well.

Expect this to be nerfed. Blizzard has nerfed every game mechanic I've ever abused ever since the old days of Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3.

The trick:
We will as rogue actually exploit the use of Lifeward and other healing thingy's we all know blizz is going to put CD on it or whatever they can.

However, as I found out on my druid. I went to Karazhan and farmed the packs without any healing aspect and gotten over 1KG/h aswel.

I have 5150GS in my tank gear, so not that high.
I have 44K HP and lose perhaps 3K HP per run... So ain't realy hard.

What to do:
- The room infront of Moroes: 3 packs
One pack of non elites in the middle
One in the bottom right corner
One in the top right corner

-Moroes room: 3 tables
Just run through the bigg table, throw something at the right table and charge to the left one, tank all mobs in corner and aoe them down, butlers won't always agro when running through.

-The first room upstairs, before opera event:
2 packs of non elites, the ones closest to stairs, and in the middle, u can just drag those to the edge of the platform.

-The opera event room:
Just run through the left pack, charge to the right and tank them in the corner near a pilar.

-Getting the gold:
  • he mobs drop between 47s and 95s ea
  • Just loot everything, vendor all gear (or DE them if you rlly want). As you can see in the vid, there is a vendor just outside the gate of Kara.
  • Use the 'Netherweave Cloth' to make 'Netherweave Bracers' and DE them. -> Arcane Dust sells for 75G/Stack and Greater Planar for 18G/ea on my server so...

Have fun ! Good luck gold farming

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