Thursday, March 25

EPIC new Life Tap bug

The new lifetap scales with spell power, rank 8 for me with my gear returns 3604 mana at the cost of 2k health. Here is the kicker, rank 1 returns 2000 mana at the cost of 400 health. That's more then my old rank 8 returned, at the cost of so little health i don't see my bar move. This will totally get nerfed, pretty much free unlimited mana.. I don't care what anyone says, this was way too cool not to share ASAP, can't wait for arenas this week. (all this was with only 1 point in improved lifetap btw) (Btw, previously the lower rank ones gave 1 mana for 1 health ) For testing reasons, i just put 2 points in improved lifetap, i now get 2125 mana at the cost of 262 health, not sure why the health cost went down with more points in lifetap~ however this was consitant with rank 8 as well, now giving 3901 mana at the cost of 1742health. Seems the more spirit you have, the more health it drains while barely increasing the mana back.

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