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How to get rid of chinese scammers/spamers! The ULTIMATE revenge guide!

How to make Chinese people stop scamming?
Let me introduce you the ULTIMATE revenge guide:

Free Tibet

A short justification first.

Since the very beginning of the game we are being annoyed by the Chinese spammers, whispering us and offering gold for sale. I understand that such a person makes money and living this way. It annoys me though, that their main source of gold is scamming. I would not try to bother sellers if they were not selling gold they scammed(mine, maybe yours?).
In real the seller and the scammer are the same person(or group of them). Thus they shall be punished.


Background info

The Chinese government likes to censor some information.
In China there are some issues that are a taboo. People don't talk about them and want to stay as far away from people who discuss those subjects. Why is that? Well, a person caught or suspected of talking about the forbidden may, be accused of spreading revolutionary ideas and therefore expect:

- at least an investigation,
- often a jail sentence,
- rarely a capital punishment.

And this is what we have to exploit.


What are the HOT topics in China?

This is just a basic short list:

Human rights
- Tiananmen Square protests of 1989
- Invasion of Tibet


So what we do?


Whenever you are whispered by a 1 lvl character just spam him with revolutionary slogans like:

- Free Tibet!
- Tiananmen Square massacre!
- etc.

(I actually got the idea when I saw this on wowbash.org)


Often if you try to sell an account a few of Chinese scammers will message you. Just send them email containing info about the taboo topics. Remember to include a lot of forbidden keywords!

Phishing websites:

Like in game, instead of username and password, just input some revolutionary slogans!


Anything else?

Yes! Popularize the idea. Mention it to your guildies, tell it in your pug raids, make people aware of the Free Tibet action. It will take just 20 seconds and you can have some real revenge on those scammers!


Why it will work?

The internet in China is under constant supervision. Of course the government wont bother if they find one was trying to access a forbidden website once only. They rather catch big fishes. So what will happen if everyone of us (instead of swearing at the scammers/spammers) will just ctrl+c some info from wikipedia? I can promise you those people are gonna get spotted by the programs and the authorities will be aware that they have a loooooot of revolutionary stuff in their mailboxes...

I promise you the Chinese scammers will shit their pants off... and think 4 times before trying to scam anyone else.

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Anonymous said...

GG newb. I think you need to spend less time writing ULTIMATE LEET WIN/FAIL AWESOME GUIDES LOL!1 and spend more time learning how computers work.

The government in China does not do packet inspection like that. It is too resource intensive and simply a waste of time. The government does log the activity of accessed websites. In short, your plan sounds great if you know nothing about how computers work...

Now all you need to do is add FW:FW:FW:FW:RE: LOOK AT THIS:FW:FW:FW: HILARIOUS AWESOME GOTTA LOOK to the top of your post, and you're golden.

sQren on 2 May 2010, 13:54:00 said...

So you are a China farmer Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 speaks truths and logic. Therefore he must not be a "China farmer" firstly because he is able to access websites that don't end in .cn. Secondly because his grammar is too good. And lastly because this idea would not work. Packet sniffing is extremely resource intensive and not to mention you would have to translate the supposed taboo material into Chinese for it to even be considerably effective.

a non eMouse said...

I agree that packet sniffing might be too intensive for china to bother with that method... however I still believe doing this will make the spammers leave you alone. How many spammers do you think are willing to risk it?

Anonymous said...

for the average chinese citizen - especially kids earning a penny or less a day, in a sweatshop - the possibility exists that even their WoW chat is being monitored. Hell, they're not going to know wtf packet sniffing is; they know 1 thing and thats don't ever give the government any reason to suspect you.
so yeah, i could see it working, its not a hack in the sense that the CN government is actually going to see it and actually imprison/murder these people. Its a social hack in that it uses the common knowledge and assumptions of these people against them and makes them piss off, which is the intended effect.
Good idea, but dont expect the listed punishments, its just a good way to make them leave you alone.

Stephen on 8 Aug 2010, 22:41:00 said...

It's actually a brilliant idea. China's government's "Golden Shield" system does indeed sift through the data being transferred both manually and automatically. These systems were built by Microsoft and Cisco, in what I consider a horrible criminal act against humanity. I don't imagine even the CCP would execute someone for having these things said at them, but continuing a conversation afterwards would certainly put them in real trouble. I say good work, especially considering how unethical the gold farming industry is.

Anonymous said...

Assuming this worked... You want to possibly send someone to jail for annoying you for all of a few seconds? Really? I'm quite sure these people are just trying to make a living. Ignore them and continue on with what you were doing.

Anonymous said...

it makes them put you on ignore very quick, tho some have a farewell comment...

after telling them that i didn't agree with the way they said that the chinese government handled the tibet invasion, or tianenman square... and that it was horrible for him to call chairman mao the devil...

he responded with "wo cao ni ma ma quan jia si guang guang mai guo zei" which i'm told is a very not nice thing to say about my mom or my family... but as soon as he said that I was on ignore.

I'm a believer in using it to scare them at the very least.

Shoku on 17 Aug 2010, 04:39:00 said...

I thought that most of them made money by doing stuff like the teleport hack to auto-mine zones and then sell the shit on the AH.

Still not an ethical way to come in to the gold their selling and very much against the terms of service.

Well, if we make this happen the long term effects I see are as follows:
If the monitoring doesn't catch WoW chat at all we'll drive off a large number of them for awhile before this becomes a recognized thing and the one smart person or whoever acted as an employer just warns everyone about it while letting them know that they can't be held accountable.

If this does pick them up we'll have burdened a few people with about ten times the punishment they deserve but news of that will get around pretty quick, probably resulting in them jus stopping or maybe resulting in the secret China police learning that Americans are using this as a method of revenge, and assuming they don't like us they'd want to deny us that little victory.

Bonus round: a number of people here thought this was too much so presumably if we encourage people to do this in game it will get resident players to think about these gold spammers as people.

Anonymous said...

Another great topic is the inhumane treatment of the fulan gong religion.

Anonymous said...

Packet inspection is super cheap. Especially when you program a 90mhz FPGA to do it, it becomes even cheaper. Don't listen to these non-experts about intrusion. They don't know.

Anonymous said...

In Chinglish (after translation) what you are saying to them is 'Dog like cat leg over fish trousers' or 'No throws the thing in over garbage dispousal'.

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