If you follow a few wow gold blogs like I do, you will see that most of the more successful players always, always, always use the Saronite Shuffle in their gold making method rotations, simply because it actually is rather effective on most servers.
There are many items that you can include in the Saronite Shuffle manufacturing process, but it is up to the player's personal taste, resourcefulness and server's prices to determine which ones to use.

Don't be overwhelmed, I will break it down for you below.

The Saronite Shuffle concept itself is something that has been around since Pre-BC, and been used in many different ways.
This specific "Shuffle" is a manufacturing process that is essentially:
  1. Farm/Buy Saronite Ore
  2. Prospect the ore
  3. Craft items using JC
  4. Dissenchant the items
  5. Sell the results

I am going to use the above diagram to explain the Saronite Shuffle in that perspective:
Stage one:
Stage one is the primary prospecting process of raw materials (Saronite Ore), it can yield:
  1. Chalcedony
  2. Bloodstone
  3. Shadow Crystal
  4. Dark Jade
  5. Huge Citrine
  6. Sun Crystal
  7. As well as possible rare/blue quality gems.

Stage two:
Stage two is the secondary manufacturing process of a product (Jewelcrafting items), it can yield:
  1. Crystal Chalcedony Amulet
  2. Skyfire Diamond
  3. Bloodstone Band
  4. Sun Rock Ring
  5. Crystal Citrine Necklace
  6. Jade Dagger Pendant
  7. Earthsiege Diamond
  8. Icy Prism

Stage three:
Could essentially be seen as a tertiary service of disenchanting the JC products and selling the materials + diamonds on the auction house.
1) Really needs no explaining, you simply sell the Diamonds and all the enchanting materials you get.

A personal example from Tella at HitTheCap

1. Prospect Saronite Ore

2. Cut and sell the Blue-quality Gems on the AH
Popular cuts that I use are:
Autumn's Glow: Brilliant, Mystic, Quick, Rigid, Smooth, Thick
Scarlet Ruby: Bold, Bright, Delicate, Fractured, Runed
Twilight Opal: Glowing, Mysterious, Purified, Shifting, Sovereign
Monarch Topaz: Accurate, Durable, Etched, Glinting, Inscribed,
Luminous, Potent, Pristine, Reckless, Resolute, Veiled, Wicked
Sky Sapphire: Solid
Forest Emeralds get cut and vendored

3. Combine Chalcedony, Bloodstone, Sun Crystal, and Huge Citrine with x2 Crystallized Earth to create Crystal Chalcedony Amulet, Bloodstone Band, Sun Rock Ring and Crystal Citrine Necklace.
Bloodstone and Chalcedony can also be used in making Skyflare Diamonds.
Huge Citrines are also used in Jade Dagger Pendants and Earthsiege Diamonds

4. Dark Jade can be made into Jade Dagger Pendants and Earthsiege Diamonds.
Usually I just cut the Dark Jade and Shadow Crystals and sell the normal and perfect cuts to a vendor.

4 1/2: Green-quality gems are also used in the JCing Dailys and Icy Prisims. Keep some for your own use and check the AH prices before you D/E them! I'm able to sometimes sell Chalcedony, Dark Jade and Shadow Crystals for 7g+ on the AH

5. Disenchant all the rings and necklaces

6. Put enchanting mats on AH or make into scrolls.

"On many servers, the returns from selling the enchanting mats pay for the ore allowing the blue quality gem cuts to be pure gravy." - Wingman

Now for a working example of the Saronite Shuffle with real prices from Jeffoncom

17 Stacks Saronite Ore x 17g/stack = 289g

Dark Jadex12 17g
Bloodstonex15 27g
Sun Crystalx8 15g
Huge Citrinex10 15g
Shadow Crystalx12 11g
Chalcedonyx16 92g
Autumn's Glowx6 91g
Scarlet Rubyx3 144g
Forest Emeralx3 24g
Twighlight Opalx1 12g
Monarch Topazx3 37g
Sky Sapphirex1 11g

Pure Gem Value = 494g
Net gain 205g

Looking good so far!

From here I determined which of the items/transmutes were profitable based on cost of mats vs. server price. I found the Crystal Chalcedony Amulet, Skyflare Diamond and Jade Dagger pendant not to be profitable. I also excluded Icy Prism from this data due to its 20h CD, taking away ones ability to actually farm this.

Items created
Earthsiege Diamondx10 400g
Bloodstone Bandx15
Sun Rock Ringx8

Items Used
Elemental Firex10 (300)g
Crystallized Earthx46 (46)g

Disenchant Results
Infinite Dustx32 86g
Small Dream Shardx1 5g(value derived from price of Dream Shard)
Lesser Cosmic Essencex10 52g(derived from price of GCE)

Grand Totals

Gold Spent:
17 Stacks of Saronite Ore (289)g
10 Elemental Fire (300)g
46 Crystallized Earth (46)g

Total Spent (635)g

Gold Attained:
10 Earthsiege Diamond 400g
2 Dark Jade 3g
12 Shadow Crystal 11g
16 Chalcedony 92g
6 Autumn's Glow 91g
3 Scarlet Ruby 144g
3 Forest Emerald 24g
1 Twighlight Opal 12g
3 Monarch Topaz 37g
1 Sky Sapphire 11g
32 Infinite Dust 86g
1 Small Dream Shard 5g
10 Lesser Cosmic Essence 52g

Total Attained 968g

Net Total 333g

Net Prospecting 205g
Net Saronite Shuffle 118g
Examples of players who successfully use the Saronite Shuffle:
I would recommend checking out there rotations that they use and then figure out your own personal one that suits your resources and server prices.

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(this is where the nice diagram above comes from)

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