Friday, April 23

How to boost your raid's icecrown performance by 500%

Have all of your raiders download the following 2 addons:

AVR - Addons - Curse
AVR Encounters - Addons - Curse

The first is the base mod structure for drawing a virtual overlay on your screen. The second is a plugin that integrates with the first, with some very wonderful bossmods.

What do they do? They make the difficult gimmicks in icecrown trivial, if you have any degree of hand/eye coordination. In short, they draw actual circles and lines on your screen, showing exactly where to go, or where not to stand. Bossmods are good and all, but a text warning can't hold a candle to a visual aid.

Examples of what the mod looks like in action:

Heroic marrowgar -

Putricide malleable goo -

Just install both mods, and go into your raid, and it will automatically give you a visible cue "hey you shouldn't be standing here, here, or here".

The best part is, it will work even if you are the only one in your raid who uses it! The other raiders will not get to see the circles of course, but you will be able to see exactly what to do, guaranteed.

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Anonymous said...

Since Blizzard is intentionally breaking AVR in patch 3.3.5, there is a great alternative being developed by Ace named Hudmap. It's literally a giant minimap, completely transparent on your screen, that shows icons for party and raid members. When something happens, like Empowered Shock Vortex, it shows a white circle around all those icons so you can move between them, and it colors the circles for people you're too close to in red to help out. Very nice!

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