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Logitech g15 BG Honor Farming AFK

You need a logitech g15 in order to do this, or any other
"keyboard/mouse" input devices that allows macro repeation, not a physical program that World of Warcraft could scan for.

I use my logitech g15 keyboard and four macros in World of Warcraft to AFK BGS, to accumulate up to 400k honor in 4 days~.

The prerequisites:
- Preform AV Enabler ( has this)
- SSpvp3 ( has this)
- A logitech g15 keyboard or any other input device that runs macros with out a program running.

Creating the Macros:
You will need 4 macros to afk AV properly and not be stuck in the cave getting reported.

Macro 1:
/script PreformAVEnabler_Queue(1)

Macro 2:
/script AcceptBattlefieldPort(1,1)

Macro 3:
/cast [nomounted] Stormpike Battle Charger

Macro 4:
/stopmacro [target=focus, dead]

What each macro does:

Macro 1: This will queue you up for AV, you can also replace the number 1, with any other number to queue up for other battlegrounds as well. The reason I use preform AV's queue macro, is its a lot more stable, and you don't have to open up your battlegrounds tab and choose a selection first, which you would have to do if you used the alternative macro /script JoinBattlefield(0); but I find that that macro fails now with 3.3, I highly suggest preform av enabler.

Macro 2: This simply accepts the queue and physically joins the
battleground, this doesn't need to be changed for other battlegrounds, it'll
accept all.

Macro 3: This macro mounts you up when you aren't mounted only, if you are currently mounted, it won't dismount you when the macro is pressed again... a lot better than pressing you mount button and being dismounted over and over again.

Macro 4: The granddaddy of all the macros, this macro simply targets the nearest friendly and /follows them, this is what gets you out of the starting area in BG's as well as to move from spirit healer. It's also been made to ONLY follow people if your focus is Alive, you want to set yourself up as your focus (/focus playername). The reason I added this part of the macro was, when you died and ended up at the spirit resser, there was a small chance that you would end up following people when you were a ghost, so adding this part of the macro allowed me to only follow people when I was alive. Thus solving that problem.

Setting it up:
Next you are going to want to place the four macros in order of 1,2,3,4 on your hotbar, and assign them all hotkeys, I simply did f9-f12.

Then you simply open up your macroing functions of you logitech g15 keyboard, or any other input device, and have it press f9 f10 f11 f12, and set it to repeat.

And enjoy queuing up for AV and not being stuck in the cave!

Setting it up with Logitech g15:
  1.  Open up the Logitech G-series Key Profiler.
  2. Click one of the six G keys (g1-g6)
  3. Click assign macro -> Create New Macro
  4. Give it a name like ANTI AFK
  5. Make sure to check record delays inbetween
  6. Start recording you pressing f9 f10 f11 f12
  7. Myself personally, I waited 3 seconds in between each button, so it would go f9 (2 second delay) f10 (2 second delay) f11 (2 second delay) f12
  8. Adding the delays allowed me to only press the follow button every 6 seconds, so you aren't constantly targeting friendlies and following them every second, this allows it to run smoother and not get stuck in the cave targeting AFKers around you.
  9. Click okay
  10. Now click the button you assigned it to, and go to Repeat Options -> Check Toggle, this means you press the button once, and it'll repeat till you press it again
  11. You're all done!

That's how simple it is to afk AV and other battlegrounds, alot safer than using a program / bot. Simply because a) the logitech g15 keyboards are legal to use within reason and b) you're not setting up any flags by using a program that wow can detect and scan in your processes...

Now I am not saying this is 100% safe, you could still get reported for AFKing
and abusing the battlegrounds, but from what I've read about people using g15 keyboards, they were only suspended for at most 3 hours... plus the way I have it all set up and macrod, I have not gotten reported once, as it looks just like your actual in the game on the field, and people don't honestly care or notice.. I've used it for over a year now on other characters and have been safe since then... but like all afking methods, there's a risk involved, and im not garunteeing 100% safety!

Happy AFKing!

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