Tuesday, May 11

Easy gold farming as Druide

While i was leveling my druid today and doing a quest called Rifle the Bodies . The quest basicly tells you to loot dead bodies in a scertain arena. Those bodies drops a blue bag called Mage Hunter Personal Effects.

The bag always drop a gray item that stacks in 10 and sells individually for 10s.
The place itself is located in dragonblight - Map.

You'll be running in circles around the lake collecting bodies.
There will be mobs around the bodies but since we druids dont need to cancel Flight form to loot we can just run past those.

The bodies have a fast respawn timer and making small circles around the lake makes it non-stop farming.

Fill your bags with the bags before looting. You will occasinally loot a item called Moonrest Gardens Plans (the quest item), if you have this item in your bag you wont be able to loot more bodies.
This is easily fixed by just deleting the item and keep on farming.

This is the part which i think you are going to hate me for.
I did farm here for about 5 minutes and that netted me around 17g.
So it's only 200g/hour.
This might seem little to you but i hope that someone could take benefit from it since it can be done on all servers.

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