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Newbie/Common Knowledge Guide

Hello everyone! Tonight I will show you some of the facts of WoW that everyone knows, but is hard to find written somewhere! I've seen people doing things wrong that are so common knowledge to ME that it's rather stupid, so instead of complaining about it, i'm trying to help atleast someone with this guide.

This guide WILL require your help! If you find anything regarded common knowledge or worth knowing for a newbie, go ahead and write it and I'll add it if it's good.

Mob = Hostile creature (AKA enemy)
DPS = Damage Per Second (A person doing damage to mobs)
Tank = The person responsible of NOT letting the DPS and the healer die by getting hit by mobs.

If you are melee DPS, do not stand infront of the boss/mobs and dps when possible. If you are standing infront of the mobs they will be able to for example parry. And why isn't parry good?

When a mob parries your attack, it will strike the person it is hitting one extra time! So if you are going against a raid-boss and standing infront of the boss and he parries, the tank will get hit one extra time. (Not good)

In the starter zones you can doubleclick the questgivers to accept the quests. (Why they stop doing that AFTER the startzones is beyond me.)

Heirloom items that are made out of mail will be converted to leather when used on hunter or shaman below level 40.

Superior and Epic can be achieved easier by buying items for emblems, equipping and selling them back. Also you can switch your trinket and ring slots around and get extra there aswell.

If you sit down and eat, you can stealth afterwards and you will keep eating. You can't stealth first and then start eating however.

If you are being ganked very hard by some irritating pricks in STV, use the "unstuck" feature in help menu before ressing and 0.5 seconds before the cast is done, ress and it will HS you directly.

The sockets in gems are NOT limited to only that color. You can put any kind of color in any gemslot, but you will only get the "socket bonus" If you follow the colors however.

Be polite and ask BEFORE inviting or dueling. Otherwise it is considered rude and people might have a negative way of replying you. (Also don't spam them with guild charters)

Sometimes there is fire in WoW. You need not to be in it. Seriously, just move out of it. Fire hurts.

When you sit down people will ALWAYS crit you with melee-hits. Spells will not however.

Battlegrounds: How to play each of them.

Warsong Gulch 
Your objective is to grab the opponents flag inside of their base and score it inside your own base. You can only score if you haven't lost your flag. You can't use any immunity effects or mount up while having the flag, or you will drop it.

Arathi Basin 
Your objective is to capture the bases, by clicking on the flag. After you've clicked the flag the base will be contested, and a timer will start ticking. When the timer have gone all the way, you will capture it and you will start gaining points from that base. You will also be able to ressurect there. The more bases you have, the faster the points will tick. Also you can stop the other team from capturing your bases by capping the flag, called Defending.

Alterac Valley 
This is a huge battlefield, you will start at each of your own end and make your way down to the other end of the battlefield. There are 4 towers/bunkers for each team and a special captain for each team. You also have 600 resources. The objective is to empty the other teams resources by killing them (One death drains one resource), but by capping a tower or bunker it take away 75 resources from the other team. You cap them the same way as in Arathi Basin. When you capture a tower or a bunker the captain (AKA the boss) will lose a guard and 25% hp. By capturing more towers you can make the fight much easier and win by killing the captain - Drek'tar for alliance and Vanndar Stormpike for the horde.

Eye of the Storm
This is a mix between Arathi basin and Warsong Gulch. There are 4 bases capturable by standing close to them and watching the meter grow in your color (Blue for alliance, red for horde). When it reaches the color the base will be yours. There is also a flag in the middle, which you can pick up (takes 10 seconds) And run with to a base you own, capping it and increasing your score. When a team reaches 1600 points, that team wins.

Strand of the Ancients 
This battleground got two scenarios, defending and attacking. If you are attacking you are starting on the beach D-day style. Use the demolishers and bombs laying by the docks to shoot down the gates. When you are inside the gates, there is a flag on the inside you can capture which will make you spawn there and also the workshop will create demolishers for you. Make your way through 4 gates and you will reach the titan relic, all you need to do is click it to win.

Then it's time for defending. You need to kill the demolishers and disarm the bombs by clicking on them. You can also use cannons by the gates if you are too low geared to do any real damage on your own to the demolishers. Also try to defend the flags and you should be alright. The fastest team who captures the titan relic wins.

Isle of Conquest 
The newest battleground added. It is inspired by Alterac Valley and feels like an medieval battle... with bombs. Anyway, the objective is to kill the captain holed up inside the opponents base, that coward. By capturing the Quarry and Docks you will increase the damage done by seiges by 5% each. By capturing the hangar you will be able to board a giant airship that will float above the enemies castle where you can shoot with cannons or jump off, spawning a parachute and you can bomb the gates from the inside. Capturing the Docks will give you glaives and catapults, which can launch you over the gates and bomb from the inside. If you capture the workshop in the middle you will get demolishers and a siege machine spawned. Use these to get the gates down.

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I don't understand #5 and what is STV?

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Common knowledge is a need of every one today in their daily routine life. To get best of common knowledge, Newbie/Common knowledge is a place to get knowledge about every thing.

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#5 doesn't make sense. Please explain.

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