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Yet another gold guide

Your end game items doesn't sell good on AH? Tired of fight when you farm? Wanna know how ppl make lots of gold? You are in right place !

I skilled up almost every profession in wow and find out that some items sell better than end game items and i will show you how to find them - farm them and sell them
How to read :
{not} = you don't need any profession for it
{miner} = as a miner
1- addons
you will need:
The addons do not change your interface much so you wont feel changes after install but read the info to learn what they do before i say it !
2- in game
you need bags , big bags and empty
are the bags I'm talking about and if you can
it have vendors on it that works Great with scrap addon  or any vendor companion

3- information
You need to know what people need and when so you need to learn how to work with Wowhead: Good news, everyone! that serve perfectly as Wowhead: Good news, everyone! to you --------------------------------------------

4- example
i know Jewelcrafting better than any other profession so open it from link . You know you need mining for jewelcrafting right? What you can see is every item that you can make with it , what it needs and in witch skill.
by clicking link you can earn every single info that you need about them.  Things are different in different servers so you better to learn the way I'm doing this and not do exactly as i do. Anything that i skip means either they are not good to farm , sell or skill up. lets start !

first item that looks good to farm is Copper Bar they are not that rare but you cant find many miners to go for them so search in AH for price first but if they don't sell well you can always make Bronze Bar that is a little rare . don't say "we knew it" still too soon to close the page .

Silver Bar is rarest metal in the wow hard to find but sells good .
Large Fang can be sold some times but not always having some of them on AH have a chance to make few golds .
Mithril Bar is what that can make you lots of gold (more than saronite)
Citrine as you can see its used in many recopies .
Flask of Mojo and Aquamarine my favorite items to farm along Silk Cloth and Mageweave Cloth and many other items in Zul'Farrak and maybe you don't believe but it was my main source of gold for a while ! few runs and lots of things to sell !
Huge Emerald and Large Opal are mined along the Thorium Bar very good selling items .
and since here gems rule in skilling so mining and farming in outlands is all about gems and cloth's .
lemme show you a little trick for outlands.

You can buy Purified Draenic Water all over the outlands for 3 silver and sell them for some gold in AH they don't sell a lot but its fun to scam people who don't know how to wowhead like this.

5- collecting
now you know all about what item to collect lets go to how to collect section fast you have 3 addon for this.  for example go to Zul'Farrak and configure you addons:

  • 1- Trashcan ++ Retail players skip this one dosent need configure and will automatically delete every gray item to free your bags for better items .
  • 2- Auto Destroy type /ad to open this addon thick its enable and hit the current zone key (it will get your location) set item level to 99 (max) and if you want it delete items by quality there is 2 slider for it .

Note if you want it to delete some item when you loot it just Alt+click on that item in your bags to add it in delete list .

  • 3- Scrap if you have a merchant with you you can skip addon 2 and simply sell everything you don't need . to add items in its list for "1 click to sell" open merchant's window and drag that item to bag icon that it added to merchants . and after that by clicking that bag it will sell all of items in list in a sec .

Now put your loot on auto loot and go pwn some troll . by end of the run you will have lots of item for sale.


6- selling
now take your bags to any AH and open it Ka-BooM there is a 4th tab in AH yes its your new AH addon: MultiAuction that can sell all items in your bags in 1 min or less ! Just select a pricing option and a price then Alt+click on your items in bag then select a time and hit the key ...


7- Gold
Now time has been passed and you have mail ! lots of mail !! don't worry go to mail and enjoy your new mail addon BetterInbox that allow you to take your items , gold or both what ever you are comfortable with .

  • note : there are many addons that do similar works for you use whatever that you are comfortable with 
  • note : there is no guaranty to sell everything you farm but you got lots of items to sell and you can take your chance so go for it again .
  • note : i didn't told any price ? well i sell everything for 99 gold doesn't matter what ! prices are up to you and your choose . 
  • note : maybe - maybe - maybe i make some mini guide for other professions and i will ink them here.

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