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10,000g as a Level 10

I'm creating this guide is to show people how I made 10,000g in 5 days as a level 10 without any assistance from friends or another character.   So without further adieu I'll get into it.

Alright, I'll begin by stating you will need a few things for this method to work. 
-Wrath of the Lich King
-A Level 10 or Higher Character 

The main method of farming the gold is through fishing in Wintergrasp, while being zoned in Dragonblight. It's fairly common knowledge that this can be done, but I'm going to show you how to do it on a level 10 and tell you what I did personally to achieve 10,000g step by step.

The leveling portion is pretty straight forward. This guide will work for anyone 10 or above, but you have to get to level 10 first.

I recommend that while you're leveling you get the profession Mining. The reason for this is because it is a very easy way to get 20-40g with little effort and it will be easier to travel with some gold. Copper Ore on most servers sells for around 8-12g per stack and this will start you off. (Personally I mined until I had 5 stacks, sold them at the ah for 11g each.)

After you hit level 10 you should go to your major city and locate the fishing trainer. I stayed in my major city fishing until around 200. I also recommend buying a decent amount of Bright Baubles with the gold you obtained from mining.

You will need either a Mage to create a portal or a Warlock to summon you to Dalaran. I had about 50g from mining Copper Ore as I for-mentioned so I simply offered 10g for a portal to Dalaran and a Mage ported me. You may be able to get this done for free if someone is feeling generous, but it'll take a little longer. Once you get to Dalaran set your hearth.

After you've done that you will need to once again look for someone in trade chat to help you out. This time you're wanting to buy a ride from someone with a X-53 Touring Rocket. Personally I offered 30g and asked the person to take me to the flight path in Wintergrasp. I found a ride easily within 2-3 minutes.

(It took me about 4 1/2 hours of playing to get to this point.)

Starting Out:
Okay, you're to Wintergrasp and have the flight path, what now?

Now is when you start to fish. There will be a couple pictures below showing you where I personally fish. The first one will be when I'm at the keyboard when we control Wintergrasp. The second will be when I'm sleeping, or when the battle for Wintergrasp is under way. It's important to mention that as a level 10 you will not be inside of Winterrgasp, but you can stand inside of Dragonblight and cast into Wintergrasp with the second location. It's also important to mention that no NPCs will agro to you in these locations however be prepared to die while getting to them.

When I started out fishing I used this location. As long as the battle for Wintergrasp isn't ongoing this location is generally safer than the other. But you can't stay here while you're sleeping because when the battle starts you'll be removed from the area.

This location is the one I use most of the time. If I'm going out somewhere and I'm not gonna be home for 5-8 hours I set up here. Occasionally your cast will land before the water, but don't worry because you can actually fish through the rock lol.

When you first start out you will catch a lot of junk. As your Fishing Skill increases the amount of junk you catch will dwindle until eventually you won't catch junk anymore. It's important to mention that when you reach 450 you will still need to use a lure because if you don't you will still catch junk items.

Making 10,000g:
Okay, now that you've gotten started I'll go into the math. This math was done based on someone with 525 fishing.(450 +75 from Lure) The average angler catches 4 fish per minute. So you'll be catching 240 fish per hour. You'll be catching Nettlefish, Musselback Sculpin, Glacial Salmon, and Giant Darkwater Clams. Inside the Clams you normally Clam Meat or Pearls. The pearls vendor for 50s each, and the clam meat brings a few gold per stack on the ah. The real money makers are the fish. On most servers you can get 1g per fish, or offer them for less in bulk amounts. You can also get Siren's Tear from the Clams which sell for around 10g each. If you let the fish bot run for an hour straight you'll be able to make around 250g per hour. If you run the bot 8 hours a day (Some people are willing to run it more, personally I didn't.) you make around 2000g per day. Five days later you'll have 10,000g.

Noteworthy Tips:
-Sell through trade chat. Often times on the auction house people will undercut you. You're trying to sell very large amounts of fish and it will flood the market if you put too many on the AH and in the end you won't make as much gold. A little leg work goes a long way when it comes to selling.
-The first thing I bought when I made gold was bags. I bought Netherweave bags to start then upgraded to Frostweave bags.
-Always sell your fish in an even amount. When I go to the city to sell I generally broadcast "WTS [Nettlefish]x200[Glacial Salmon]x200[Musselback Sculpin]x200. 600 Fish, 550g". Some people are willing to buy more fish, but some people are only able to afford around 500 at a time. But don't sell all of your Glacial Salmon and leave yourself stuck with 1000 Nettlefish and Musselback Sculpin.

I don't have much else to say, but I will update the guide if I change my methods or include them in a post below. I probably forgot a few things along the way and I'll edit to include them if I notice. Any tips are appreciated and I hope this can help someone else make gold as well.

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