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Basic Hunter PvP Guide

Yo. I decided to put out a post for the guide competition.
This guide basically includes the basics you need to be a successfull Hunter

Not the best Personal 5v5. But our team disbanded before I reached 2.2k
We decided to make a new one. But some people in our team migrated server :S
Also I'd like to add that getting theese ratings took me about 2 weeks. Which means if I'd play longer with theese guys, and really get to know how they play. We could of achieved like 200-300 more rating.

Mayx's Armory Link:
The World of Warcraft Armory - Mayx @ Kazzak - Profile

As a Hunter, you should really focus on getting a high amount of resilience.
As in most combos people go for a hunter since he is a fairly easy target.
Although dont overdo the resilience, If you got some ICC25 HC Items. USE THEM.
If you deal alot of damage the opponent will go defensive and wont deal as much to you.

This specc is not recommended if you run combos that makes fights last long. For example: DK/Hunter/Pala
However it's good for burst combos in 2's. Enhance/BeastMastery. Ret/BM or MM
The reason to this, is that your not speccing into Efficieny. Which is good to have in long battles.

Beast Mastery is often used if your playing with a Enchance or Ret. Not suggested in 5v5. But in 2v2 Its really good.

CC and Moveability. Typical Survival build w/o Counterattack, suited for any bracket. Focused on lowering trap cd's along with 4-piece for double frost trap godness, and minimizing Disengage cd (in combination with its glyph).

Changes you can make if you dont like it:
0/3 in surefooted. 3/3 in trap mastery. hunting party and master tactician can lose 1 point each and added to point of no escape.

Reccomended Pets

MarksmanShip Burst specc:
Your choise here comes down to two different types of pets

Spiders & Snakes:
Let's look at the spider first. The reason we want to use a Spider is due to his special ability called Web This webs an enemy on the ground for 4 seconds. He can be damaged while under the effect of Web.
And since your pet is in the category "Cunning Pets" it gets yet another ability called Roar of Recovery This gives your character back 30% of his base mana! This is just an awesome sick spell for a pet imo. If you dont bind it and put it on automatic. Your pet will use it when your around 30-20% mana. (NOTE: You need to spec in it.)

The reason we're not using crabs is that it doesn't do as much damage as spiders. Their Pin ability, can be dispelled and will break CC. + The spider get the Roar of Recovery.

Now let's take a look at the snakes/serpents. First of all you will use this pet against casters due to it's amazing debuff Poison Spit Which reduces the enemy's casting speed by 25% for 8 seconds. with a 10 sec cooldown. So it's up almost all the time if it's on auto. Serpents also deal a fair amount of damage. And is very cool looking.

Beast Mastery spec:
I'd say your only choise here would be this pet.

Core Hound
First of all. You will need to be specced into Tame Exotic Which allows you to tame exotic pets. Such as Core Hounds. Also it gives you an extra 4 pet talent points. Which can come in handy.

The core hounds special ability is named Lava Breath It does the same as the Poison Spit. But does more damage. But the main reason we're using a Core Hound is that with Bestial Wrath Active. It does some INSANE damage. Compared to other pets within other specs. Also it becomes very large. So if your playing EnhanceShaman/BMHunter/HolyPala in 3's and the shaman pops wolfs + totems + You get really big from BW. Targetting will become VERY hard for the opposing team.

If you want more information about pets. You should visit Pet Topia

---0/53/18 Specc Glyphs---
MAJOR - Glyph of Disengage
MAJOR - Glyph of Serpent Sting
MAJOR - Glyph of Aimed Shot
MINOR - Glyph of Revive Pet
MINOR - Glyph of Feign Death
MINOR - Glyph of Scare Beast

---53/18/0 Specc Glyphs---
MAJOR - Glyph of Disengage
MAJOR - Glyph of Bestial Wrath
MAJOR - Glyph of Aimed Shot
MINOR - Glyph of Revive Pet
MINOR - Glyph of Feign Death
MINOR - Glyph of Scare Beast

---0/15/56 Specc Glyphs---
MAJOR - Glyph of Aimed Shot
MAJOR - Glyph of Disengage
MAJOR - Glyph of Serpent Sting

MINOR - Glyph of Revive Pet
MINOR - Glyph of Feign Death
MINOR - Glyph of Scare Beast

Why these?

Disengage: As of which we assume, you will be using this specc for high burst and survival. And with this. You can disengage away from combat even more often.

Serpent Sting As this will be your base opener on most targets, it's very handy if it lasts longer on your target. As you can do more burst instead of reapplying it all the time.

Aimed Shot Theese days Aimed Shot is used more of a huge damage hit. Instead of just the reduce healing effect. With this glyph it lets you move around even more, instead of standing still using Steady Shot. Due to everything is on cooldown

Bestial Wrath Pretty much explains itself. Bestial Wrath is a BM's hunter most important spell. And to have that CD Reduced, Is very goldworthy. Your going to need it to keep up pressure, if you fail at a kill.

First of all you need a program called Curse Client. The program basically makes it alot easyer for you to download addons from which is awesome. It even lets you update your addons whit a simple click.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Curse Client Download

Highly recommended in arena:


Gladius lets you see WHEN your opponent uses his trinket and when its cooldown is gone. It's highly customizable and very easy to customize. If you just right-click their name in the Gladius box, they will become you 'Focus'

Download Link: Click Me!


Gladiminish lets you see the 'Diminishing Returns' cooldown on the CC You used on your opponent. Read More about Diminishing Returns Here.

Download Link: Click Me!

Recommended as Hunter (Not Arena Addons):

Zug Zug Huntar
It automatically changes your tracking type to the one your attacking, so If you decide to start attacking another hunters pet it will change tracking to Beasts automatically.
This is only if your specced into: Improved Tracking (Rank 1-5)

Download Link: Click Me!


All this does is place your aspects like an Aura bar which Paladins got.
As you get more space on your action bars for other things.

Download Link:Click Me!


A small simple and compact addon that prints a message in party chat letting your party know you've been CC'd and in what way, such as Polymorph, Fear, Hex, Mind Control, Silence, Roots etc aswell as announcing when and what buffs of yours have been dispelled.

Download Link: Click Me!

Silencing Shot
#showtooltip Silencing Shot
/cast [target=focus] Silencing Shot
Silencing Shot on your Focus without losing your current target.

Viper Sting
#showtooltip Viper Sting
/cast [target=focus] Viper Sting

Uses Viper Sting on your Focus without losing your current target.
If your fighting a team with a DPS And a PRIEST Healer. Put the Priest in your focus and use this on him all the time.

Scatter Shot
#showtooltip Scatter Shot
/cast [target=focus] Scatter Shot
Uses Scatter Shot on your Focus without losing your current target.
Just right click whoever you want to CC on you Gladius frame and press the macro.

Feign Death/Drink
#showtooltip Star's Tears
/cast Feign Death
/use Star's Tears
/petattack [target=focus]
Stops your pet from attacking, Feigns Death, Drinks Star's Tears (Or whatever other Beverage you wish to drink, just be sure to type in the drink's name.), sends your pet back to attack your focus target. Be sure to set your focus on the person you are draining. Alternatively, you can remove the /petattack line and use a separate Macro to engage the pet's tareget again.

Rapid Fire/Kill Command
#showtooltip Rapid Fire
/cast Rapid Fire
/use 13
/cast Kill Command
Will use Rapid Fire and AP trinket and activate Kill Command for extra damage/burst

Readiness - Insurence
#showtooltip Readiness
/cast Rapid Fire
/cast Kill Command
/cast [target=player, exist] Master's Call
/cast [target=targettarget, exist] Master's Call
/cast Readiness
Incase you are forced to pop readiness before having used all cooldowns, this macro will pop the cooldowns before resetting everything again. Throw Master Call on the target's target of your pet, or yourself

Pet Immobilize Followed by Freezing Arrow
/cast [pet:gorilla] Pummel
/cast [pet:Ravager] Ravage
/cast [pet:crab] Pin
/cast [pet:spider]Web
/cast !Freezing Arrow
Simple macro that will use your pets immobilizing effect, depending on what pet, and make you able to throw Freezing Arrow right after. Ideal for situations where the opponent might be kiting, you can immobilize inorder to perfectly hit the trap.

As an MM Hunter you would like to have Serpent Sting up at all times, to increase the damage outcome of your Chimera Shot. The good thing is that CS will refresh SS each time you use CS on a target with SS applied from before. You can decide wether you want to use Aimed Shot or Chimera Shot as an opener. (REMEMBER TO APPLY SERPENT STING)

Serpent Sting:
Its a DoT You will ALWAYS use. Although if your running out of mana, apply your Viper Sting.

Aimed Shot:
If your fighting a double dps team, you can use SS-CS THEN Aimed Shot, due to the reason that they wont be healing so the Healing Reduce is not needed early in the game. However if its a healer/dps team, you might want to apply this first, as it effects HoT's. Which most likely will be the healers first casts aswell.

Chimera Shot:
Only use this if your target is afflicted by either SerpentSting/ViperSting/ScorpidSting. As it effects the outcome ALOT.

Scorpid Sting:
If your getting pressured, or your team-mate is getting pressured by some kind of meele class. Use you Scorpid Sting, then Chimera Shot on the target to disarm it for 5-10 seconds (depending on talents/enchants)

Hunter's Mark:
This can decide the outcome of ALOT of fights, most hunters don't know it but its GOD DAMN IMPORTANT to use this, if the enemy team has no dispeller. TIP: If your fighting a Druid/Warlock combo. And the lock is using his Fel Hunter. And you decided to trap the druid, be sure to put a Hunters Mark on the druid aswell. Cause the lock will try to dispell the trap using Devour Magic. But the DM will eat HM instead of the trap.

Hunter VS Mage:

Open with a Serpent Sting, followed by a chimera Shot. At this point you should be fairly close to the mage, but no to close (5-15yrds). Due to the Mage will try to polymorph you to get a real opener. You Scatter Shot the poly to interrupt it. If he tries again use silencing shot and burst as much as you can. Right now he will most probably Iceblock. When he gets out, he will pop mirrors (most likely) and water elemental. Use Feign Death & Detterence right after to stop his opener, also pop Master's Call to avoid a freeze when you get out. While in the detterence you should also use Readiness to get your silence back up. And when the detterence is over. Just disengage far away from the mage (with master's call on), and burst him HARD with Rapid Fire & AP Trinkets + Kill Command. Then he should die.


His Arena Ratings

Hunter VS Rogue:

Pop a Flare and stand in the middle of it. DO NOT USE ANY TRAPS YET, the Rogue will just disarm them. When he opens on you, which he will manage if he uses sprint into your flare. Wait for Cheap Shot to go away, then trinket the upcoming Kidney Shot. Use you scatter shot, place a Frost Trap, and mark the rogue with Hunters Mark, and walk away from him. He will most likely cloak and restealth. If he does this, turn your back against the flare. and Disengage towards it. If he catches you mid-air. You will still fly all the way to your flare. And when he tries to run over to you. Make your pet WEB/PIN him. When Cheap Shot is over, you got complete control over him. He got no cloak. Just mark him with HM and burst ur shit at him, while kiting him around you frost trap, and use Master's Call when needed (if you get crippling poisoned)


His Arena Ratings

Hunter VS Warrior:

Start on your mount. When he charges you, or you expect him to. Jump at the very same second. Then he will not be able to hit you in his Intercept Stun. After that, be sure to put a HM at him, and open with a Serpent Sting. Make sure you got a Frost Trap on the ground. (Use your traps as a root effect - Entrapment) And stay withing 5-8 yards range of him all the time, as he wont be able to charge you. Blow all your damage CD's in the start to put up pressure. When he uses Bladestorm, pop Detterence and get away with disengage. Right after the bladestorm is a good time to pin/web him with your pet. And just continue your stuff. When your out of cooldowns just pop Readiness. And if your able to, try to use a freezing trap at him when he pops Shield Wall, then Bandage yourself or eat. 


His Arena Ratings

Hunter VS Hunter:

If your a night elf, pop shadowmeld when the duel counter is at 2. (Duel Starts 3...2...1...) Then send your pet at him. And start attacking right away, with a serpent sting then Chimera Shot. Then if you want you can feign death, and he looses target of you AGAIN. And then use ur Aimed Shot. When he again targets you, disengage over to him and scatter shot him. Then HM If you can. And use Chimera Shot, then detterence. While in the Detterence you might want to use Rapid Fire, Kill Command THEN Readiness. At this point the enemy hunter shouldn't of done to much to you other than maybe a serpent sting and a chimera shot. When detterence is done, he will most likely try to Scatter Shot you. So disengage away from him, then just burst him down. If he detterences, bandage yourself.  

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