Saturday, September 4

Isle of conquest, getting into allis base

This is to get into the allis base before you get their gate down,

Step 1: You need to have control on the hanger, once you are on your airship you must jump on the allis base.
Step 2: Once you land on the allis base go to the front of their base(still on top) Look at the left side and you should see this.

Step 3: Nudge your self into the corner where the large beem runs down and connects to the other beam.

Step 4: once your in the corner, you must do the mount glitch, what you do is cast your mount then jump inward and you should fall right though the floor. Its quite easy.

Once inside there you may kill the boss before the gates are down.

...Hope this is useful to someone ive been trying to find something to give to this site. im always using it and was hoping i can help it

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