Thursday, September 2

Naming Trick

First of all you need to know the background of reserved words, reserved words are websites or phrases gold sellers commonly say, so blizzard built in a text filter a while back to block them out, thats it in a nutshell. one of the most well known phrases is "Blizzard has not made a mmo in nearly 8 years". Why is this phrase blocked? Not really sure why this is blocked. but you can narrow this down to "not made a mmo in nearly". now how can you use this information to exploit names making people not able to say your ingame name by crunching the phrases together.

These are some things you can name your character and when people attempt to say your toons name they will not be able to:


3 good uses:

If you're not sure what you want to name a new toon you are making you can name him this, and later on report yourself to blizzard complaining you cannot say your toons name, this is better than making it something racist or bad because that could result in a ban this could not.

Another usefull thing is trolling say stuff as "First person to say my name in trade gets 5k" you will hear people nerd rage.

The last useful thing is scamming, if you use this as a scam toon when people try to say "Nmmoinn is scamming" it will say nothing back.

Find your own phrases if the names are taken!!! just find a reserved words phrase and narrow it down, then just crunch the letters into one word!!!

(If you don't mind share your blocked name!!!)

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Mentor on 3 Sept 2010, 16:13:00 said...

Great picture, He He! I like those made up real life Warcraft UI's.

Anonymous said...

"mmoinn" is a gold selling site
so "no MMO IN Nearly 8 years" is blocked
only know this because they advertise frequently with dead/floating characters on my server

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