Friday, December 24

Underneath Vash'jir, a perfect mining spot

First off, you go here on your map:

And then (Bad paint skills inc, but i used a touchpad :P) you should be here:

And you should go to the circled bit and hit Spacebar until you start to move sideways then stop, so you screen should be like this:

For the next bit you will need a castbar that show the delay for your latency.
While you are at the roof, cast a mount of bear or bigger:

and at the bit it shows you cast but have the latency delay, you hold in your spacebar so you will swim up through the cave before you can get dismounted as shown :

From here you can mount your see horse from which you swim forward from the pervious picture. and congratz, your now in vash'Jir!
From underneath here you can mine, and as a ranged you can gank opposite faction here!
While i was mining under vashjir i found something interesting... A hidden boat underneath Vash'jir, which is serving no purpous.

is the location of it Pics of the boat:

And here:


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