Monday, January 3


I knew it had to exist, and I finally found it! The new Icecrown of pickpocketing for rogues!

In the Twilight Highlands you receive a quest from the Red Dragonflight called Far From the Nest, in which you must stop Twilight Abductors from stealing their eggs. Killing these mobs leaves 0 loot, however you can pick pocket them for the normal rogue loot.

At the location 23.0, 21.9 is a chokepoint where the abductors are running up a narrow hill to try and steal eggs, some do, and some run into the guards. This in my opinion is the best spot. It seems you can average about 1 mob every 10 seconds or less. Theres actually about 3 or 4 spots along the little hill there you could set up and not be on the paths of the mobs and reach all of them, so work that out a little for yourself to find a spot that someone isn't going to mess you up on.

Spot number 2. In the cave entrance itself. You can camp in it as a rogue to the side slightly and pick pocket them as they run into the portal. This is a little more risky in my opinion as people that have the quest to close the portal will run right next to you. Risky = PvP server. On a RP or PvE server this would be just almost as good as spot one, depending on how many people are running the kill quest.

Spot number 3. 23.9. 16.9 in the roots of the fallen down tree. Not as good as either of the 2 other spots, with what seems like 1 mobs every 12-15 seconds. However on a pvp server this would be the least risky spot to set up at.

The Loot: Average, but it adds up. 15-20 silver on average, and lots of greys that will sell for a gold a stack, rogues draughts, and other foods. Going to set up there right now. The mobs can also detect you.

You'll want glyph of pick pocket as some of the paths aren't on top of one another, so you need to set up between and have that extra 5 yards to make the most of it. The reason for this is because the adds can spot you.

I assume Bliz will hotfix in the next couple days after reading this, so hit it now! Enjoy.

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