Wednesday, January 5

Hole in Skybox in Kalimdor

By mistake I found a way to get Past the skybox in Kalimdor, no hacks/mods whatsoever.
You basicly can fly up as high as you want to, meaning that you should also be able to get past the map end markers. Opening up the old way to GM isle aswell? I haven't tried But I think it might be Doable.

Heres how I did it:

Get to this spot:

Look for this tree(Higher then the others around there):

Follow the branch:

Fly Up:

Go High:

Visit high places(Orgrimmar):

And Maybe Visit Unexplored Places

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Anonymous said...

Did you try to replicate it? Didn't work on my end. Skybox is actually where the picture captioned "Fly up:" is and all the damned bird does is squawk--even if i'm not actively flying up.


Anonymous said...

oh ok. What's important to note is that in the picture titled "follow the branch" you end up turning your camera view slightly to the right. Also, in your picture titled "Fly up:" there's a part of the branch that breaks through the leaf (essentially, right behind where the red arrow is) and it is above the point of that branch that you can fly up and out.

a free world! Nice discovery.

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