Thursday, January 6

Pyromaniac bug

Three months ago, there was a pyromaniac bug but it involved much different circumstances(10% staying after mobs despawned). They are much different as you will see.

This new bug may sound weird, but it works.
If you spec 1/2 Pyromaniac in your SECOND skill tree, you will always have 5%. Not only this, but once you meet the conditions of the talent(any fire dot on 3 different targets) it will apply a second 5% haste buff that stacks. You can test this by removing all haste procs and watching your cast timers in the different conditions.(without pyromaniac, with 1/2 pyromaniac but no dots, 1/2 pyromaniac but with dots). In each circumstance you will notice the haste taking effect, reducing cast time per each step.

I was surprised it wasn't on here already, granted it only frees up one talent point its still pretty amazing(free 5% on single target fights).

0/2 Pyromaniac

1/2 Pyromaniac without fire dots

1/2 Pyromaniac with fire dots on 3 targets

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