Wednesday, January 26

Quickest gold you have ever made with a gather profession. (Herb/mine required)

(Note; this is my daily route.. and it has yielded about 700-1200g per 15 mins assuming you have no competition)

For the guide you should have the following (asterisks = optional but helps):

  • Fishing (level 1 will suffice)
  • Herbalism (I'm going to be lazy and say 525, but I think 500 would work aswell)
  • Mining (Also higher level..)
  • Guild Hearth cool-down reducing perk (to 15 mins)
  • Epic flying mount/Master flying
  • Find fish ability (Easily farmed in wetlands in 20 minutes, assuming you can find the schooner nodes. Just wowhead "Watertight Trunk" and follow the spawn locations, as 8% of them will be schooner wreckage nodes)

What you are farming (Green = most common, Yellow = less common):

  1. Volatile fires (20g each) From the "Pools of fire" (this is what you need fishing for)
  2. Elementium Ore (5g each)
  3. Pyrite Ore (10-20g each)
  4. Twilight Jasmine (10g each)
  5. Cinderbloom (4-6g each)
  6. Volatile Life (7-10g each) (Are obtained from the herbs, but you should know this...)

(NOTE: Prices are as of my server, results may differ.)


  • Fishing in a Pool of Fire with only get you Volatile Fire, no junk. So it is very effective and only requires level 1 fishing.
  • Pool of Fire spawn timer = 15 mins
  • Pools of Fire always spawn in the exact same location.
  • This route is roughly 1000% more profitable if done during 1-8am on a weekday. (which is the only time I do it)
  • If you are under 85, you may encounter opposing factions' 85's
  • On a 15 minute cooldown (hearthstone, with the guild perk bonus) you should be active 90% of the time gathering nodes. After I hit Hyjal I usually have to wait ~1-2 minutes on the hearth cool-down.

The Route:

  • Start with Twilight Highlands first, as there is a portal you can use to port back to Org..
  • Follow the yellow and make sure that you are on the right side of the river, you should see nodes 2, 3, 4, and 5. Once you reach the lava there should be 4 "Pool of Fire" nodes (again, assuming no one else is farming them) you should get anywhere from 3-12 Volatile Fire per "Pool of Fire" node.
  • Once done with the pools of fire, follow the other trail back to Dragonmaw Port (on this trail you should encounter nodes 2, 3, 4, and 5)
  • Port to Org and take the port to Hyjal, then follow this route....

(I usually have hit the 15 min respawn timer by this point so I fly directly to the "Pool of Fire" spawn points, avoiding any other nodes on the way.)

  • Fly to the spawn points and farm those nodes (again, Pool of Fire)
  • Hearth to Org and take the portal to Twilight Highlands, repeat the steps above.

ALSO: When selling volatile fires, put on the AH in stacks of 10-20 (I do 20) for 2-3g per OVER the lowest price! You will make maximum profit this way. (I.E. if the lowest on the AH is 20g per, list 20 for 22-23g per = 230g. People DO buy them, I guess 2-3g is the price they will pay to avoid hitting "Buy Out" 20 times.

Happy farming!

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