Friday, March 25

Big money off Inscription with minimal effort.

I know this is not the fastest way of making gold buy for very minimal time and effort it is a nice way to make a bit of extra gold.

Firstly you are going to want 450 inscription, I do this off my level 65 mage.

Second, You want to find the cheapest out of these herbs on your realm. Azshara's Veil, Cinderbloom, Deathspore Pod, Heartblossom, Stormvine, Twilight Jasmine, Whiptail 

On my realm it is Stormvine at just over 28g/stack, Second is cinderbloom at 33g/stack Or if you have a herblist you don't need to buy the herbs at all.

I started with 1072 gold in my bag, I spent 937 on stormvine.

Set up a macro like this to save your clicking energy and the hassle of moving your mouse back and forth.

/cast milling
/use Stormvine <-- change this to the herb you are using.
You can spam this key or set up a key spamming program to click it every 1 - 1.1 seconds depending on your ms and how many stacks you actually have.. Btw Make sure Auto-Loot is turned on!

After milling them all I had 345 Ashen Pigments, you now turn these into Blackfallow Ink.

Now buy an equal amount of Resilient Parchment to the amount of Blackfallow Ink you have and make all the fortune cards you can! Make sure you leave some cash left over when you buy herbs for Resilient Parchment as the vendor sells it for about 8g/stack.

This will take a while depending on how many fortune cards you are making.

Now get selling, chose trade or the AH either works. I usually undercut my competitors buy only about 90 silver and they sell pretty quick especially if you advertise in trade about them and that you may get a *links 5k fortune card*.

On my server fortune cards go for 13g/ea selling them at the market price I will more than double the gold I started with!

This is just a tip, I advise you sell them in stacks of 10. Selling them singly will flood the market and you will be prone to undercutting. Selling them in huge stacks will put most people off buying it they don't want to spend too much on "gambling" I would say stacks of 5 or 10 are a nice size to sell at.

Remember the profit you gain is entirely dependent on your servers economy but I am yet to see a realm where the mats for the card are more than the card its self so you should make profit on any realm but make sure you check the prices before doing this anyway!

Less than an hour after this guide was posted all of these 10 stacks were brought out.
Apparently a few people on this forum are blind THESE AUCTIONS BELOW ARE STACKS OF 10 NOT SINGLE CARDS.

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