Friday, March 25


I'm surprised that my guild hasn't kicked me yet. I think maybe they don't realize that I'm making fun of them when I do this.
[Player A] gets [meaningless achievement]!
Guild member 1: Grats!
Guild member 2: Congratulations!
Guild member 3: gratz! etc etc etc
Me: HOLY FUCK, C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S [Player A], YOU'RE A WOW-ASS-KICKING FRIEND! I mean, shit dude, serious for reals gratz on that one.
Then there is usually silence from the guild, maybe with a 'lol' or two sprinkled on top.

I wonder if it varies culture to culture similarly to asking how someone is.
For example, in the US we commonly ask strangers, "how are you?" and expect a bland, "good, you?" in return. If you ask a German that, they might tell you a detailed story of their past or problems, or may snub you for getting too personal.

So similarly, I wonder if other regions of WoW throw out, "Grats" as much as we do.

There is also an addon that says it automatically.
Lets just say when your guild is in a new 25 man and they down a boss, it doesn't look good.

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