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Hunter pets WAY OP

The same trick as the Overpowered felgaurd trick, except with a hunter you can FD to reset so in a matter of minutes you can have your pet up to almost 2000%, in 3 minutes my terropene is 1300% so as you can see its simple,:

1. Go to heroic MGT
2. get to the second boss Vexallus
3. send pet in, when he spawns pure energy kill it w/ pet
4. do this several times untill your pet has 8 stacks, he will be at about 20% i believe
5. Feign Death
6. Rinse & repeat
7. Be careful not to kill him because your pet starts pwning haha im not sure if he resets after you kill him so yeah dont do it
(crap speaking of which after you kill him your pet loses stacks so really dont do it)
You can also do this with multiple pets =)

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