Monday, August 1

Easier / Faster Molten Front Dailys especially for Healers / Tanks and low DD´s

since i rerolled to my healer, i need a lot more time for doing my Dailys, because my damage output is not comparably to any dd spec.

So here´s a little help for all, who have the same problem.

In the molten front, there are a lot of friendly npc´s, so pull the mobs you need for daily quests from the red marked area on the screenshot to the yellow spot. The NPC´s here will spot them and bring them down for you.

With this Method i have kill all mobs i needed in less than 1min.


1. Take Dailys
2. Dot / Attack mobs once
3. Pull back
4. Let NPC´s kill them
5. Done

Hope this will help a few people, don´t waste their time


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