Sunday, August 21

Easy medicore Gold

Well this is more or less common sense, but posting it anyway for those who might not know.

Since Transmogrification was announced prices on items from specific craftable items went sky high.
For example on my server Blood of the Mountain went from 200g to 1k at the moment.
Its item that drops by Molten Destroyer and is used to craft Sulfuron Hammer.

Same story followed the Sulfuron Ingot which is also used for the hammer and dropped by Golemagg.

Then there is also Elementium Ingot which is used to craft Thunderfury.

This might be server dependant but on my server prices for those items went sky high. 

So farming some bwl and mc could bring high amount of money for the time being.

There might be more items, but for the time being those 2 are the ones i think lots of people might want to have.

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