Sunday, August 21

How to guarantee winning Al'Akir and Malygos mounts!!!

Prework: Must have Masterloot, Must have a decent computer, must be quick. (friend optional for easy ending)

I just used this neat little trick recently to win the drake of the south winds without even having to roll.
Now this IS an exploit, because blizzard intends for us to roll on things. ninjaing is considered griefing, and not intended to happen, but this causes no grief.

Right as malygos/al'akir are going down, begin moving to the area where the chest spawns. Announce in ventrilo/chat for no one to open the chest or you cannot receive loot, as this is common anyways to do. Once you are in the chest, check to see if a mount dropped. If one did, like one did for me yesterday, begin distributing loot. Once the main items off of Al'akir or Malygos are looted, announce in vent/chat that you are doing MC with your friend for bindings, and you are using this raid group (or other common excuse, whatever you can play off the best.). Thus, you will be able to kick everyone. After they are all booted from the instance manually, loot your mount. The chest will not disappear until the mount is looted, which may lead to suspicion. Just say someone may have forgotten to loot a quest item. This nifty trick avoids server trash talking, total humiliation and notoriety, GM tickets, possible mount removal, and ultimately 25 dollar transfer fee. And it all works because the chest is only lootable by one person at a time, so the suckers don't even know the mount dropped.

A key part of this is not losing your cool. act depressed almost, think of when that old lady was coughing at the restaurant and you felt awful.

Anyways, goodluck fellow collectors. Naaru's speed!

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