Monday, August 8

Guide to look for Death From Above NPCs everyday while and still get all marks

It is possible to keep Fire in the Skies in your questlog to get the achievement Death From Above and still get 100% of the world tree marks available to you. BUT you need to have Druids of the Talon AND The Shadow Wardens unlocked. If you have only Druids of the Talon unlocked, can do all their dailies like normal without killing or turning in Into the Fire and the bird will be available for you the next day to ride. You won't get 100% of all possible marks for you though. This is the only method (I know of) to do the daily that is unlocked by Calling the Ancients AND still check for the NPCs for Death From Above.

Yes, this is an exploit since blizzard probably doesn't want you to check the daily and still get 100% of all marks possible, but more of a guide I believe. You do not have to kill it, just hit it with any ability once and you're fine. The inferno cannot be solo killed at least.

Day 1 (If you need to get the egg or hatching, this is a 2 day deal.):
1. Do Into the Fire and all the following quests like normal (except Fire in the Skies if you get it).
2. If you have the quest to pickup the egg at the top of the mountain (Peaked Interest), or gather the infant birds(Starting Young), you need to do the quests like normal and the next day will/should give Fire in the Skies. So Day 1 is kinda a 2 day deal.
3. If/when you get Fire in the Skies jump on the bird but do not kill anything, hit your inferno, return to base and do the other quests like normal. It is very important to leave the quest Fire in the Skies incomplete because you won't be able to jump back on to the bird it is complete. Tomorrow, do day 2.

Day 2: 
1. Do Into the Fire, but DO NOT TURN IT IN, this is where the exploit is.
2. Go back out to where the fire bird is, jump on, do not kill anything, hit the inferno and go back to base.
3. Go down the mountain and drop the quest Into the Fire.
4. Pickup and do the quests for The Forlorn Spire and do the following quests like normal.
5. Repeat Day 2 until either you get your achievement (grats!) or the fire bird isn't there for you to jump on (bah). Happened to me once after a server maintenance/reboot, gotta drop the Fire in the Skies quest and start from day 1 to steal the egg or collect hatchlings.

Complete, but DO NOT turn in the quest Into the Fire when Fire in the Skies is already in your questlog. Never complete or turn in Into the Fire but look for and bomb the special NPC. Then run back down, drop the Into the Fire quest and do the shadow wardens daily quests chain (and maybe kill the lieutenant if you have that).

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