Tuesday, August 9

[RAF] 300% xp up to level 75+ with only buying vanilla+tbc

I decided to try RAF on myself for the xp boost through vanilla and tbc content. After reaching level 70 I decided to try if I could somehow get the raf to work in wotlk content ( I didn't want to dish out more cash on raf account that I'll only be using until the free month ends).

I activated the 10day WotLK trial on my tbc account and started questing along with my main account. At the time of writing this I'm at level 76 and still getting 66k to 100k experience per quest.

The quests which give the bonus xp have to be obtainable at level 70 since the raf account stops at 100% into level 70 and wont level to 71, so Dragonblight wont work, and neither will dungeon quests which require a higher level.

At midway past level 74 I stopped getting 3x experience for mobs and the reputation bonus but I'm still getting triple quest experience at 76.
I think the fastest way to go about this method at level 74+ would be to park your raf account at the quest givers and just avoid any unneeded kills. The mobs can be 1 or 2 shot by then anyway.

I don't think this is intended since it's basically getting at least 6 free levels without even having to pay for them. The 10 day limit isn't very restrictive since I've gotten 6 levels in a few hours of questing at a relaxed pace.

I'll update once the triple xp from quests stops.

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