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Thursday, August 18

MMOGlider's Final Update

Mercury of the Glider forums has made one final announcement about the MDY versus Blizzard Entertainment lawsuit that spanned the last couple of years. The monumental case rocked the MMO gaming world and defined the future for bot coders and consumers. This case is especially relevant considering Blizzard Entertainment is also taking legal action against Bossland GmbH in the ongoing Bossland GmbH versus Blizzard Entertainment Honorbuddy/Gatherbuddy lawsuit.

Originally Posted by Michael "Mercury" Donnelly
We've settled the lawsuit with Blizzard, so things are going to happen fairly quickly around here. I can't go into a ton of detail, but I can say I'm glad to be able to close the book on that particular ugliness and move on with a relatively regular life, even if it means no Glider. I can also divulge that my proposed title for the next WoW expansion, "WoW: Mercury Is A Cool Guy And Needs A Nice Girl Who Also Doesn't Mind Cooking" didn't make it very far.

For Glider customers, this means not much change from where we are now. There was simply no way we could get by Judge Campbell to get Glider back on the market, although we came pretty close. Regardless, there is no point in running forums with no future for Glider.

On Monday, August 22nd, we will be taking down the site and forums. I imagine I'll be around here quite a bit more until then, at least once I get back to Phoenix later today.

Most of the people who have helped out through the years will not see this, but I imagine some folks will cross-post this message on other forums. You have my most sincere appreciation; everyone from OMW to Ocktra and all the others. The community is what made Glider into a true force and I never would have made it this far without you. Losing that through the injunction has been the worst part for me.

I'm not sure what I'll be doing next, but I'm quite certain it won't involve anything to do with Blizzard. Maybe some kind of regular job that doesn't involve a constant barrage of legal and technical attacks. Imagine that.

And, no, I'm not interested in automating Rift unless your job offer includes a hefty starting bonus. Think Ferrari 458-sized.

So long, and thanks for all the cookies.

I have  long supported Glider and MDY in their lawsuit against Blizzard Entertainment, and MDY (and ocktra) were quick to forward their thanks for years of moral support. Let us only hope that products like Glider and Honorbuddy can be protected from predatory corporate behavior in the future.

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