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Thursday, August 18

World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 Official Release News. Transmogrifier, Deathwing, More!

Blizzard Entertainment just released official news regarding Patch 4.3 and it's features. As blues have said before, Patch 4.3 will be the largest World of Warcraft patch in history in terms of memory. World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 notes include some interesting changes to player character customization features, new Darkmoon Faire games, 3 new 5-man dungeons, the Deathwing raid encounter, and the raid finder, which functions similarly to World of Warcraft's dungeon finder.

Perhaps the most interesting of the new features included in the patch is the Transmogrifier, which gives players the option to swap the models of any two items that they own, so long as the item is the same class of armor or the same type of weapon. This would allow, per se, a character to swap out the model of their current one-handed PvP blade with the item model of [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker], so long as the player owns Thunderfury.

This gives players a whole new dimension of customization, allowing them to tool their armor to fit themes or appearances that are more aesthetically pleasing than the current sets available. The Transmogrifier will no doubt also motivate players to run old dungeons and raids to gain access to new items to swap out the appearance of their current armor sets. You could literally piece any set of "roleplaying" gear together to match your character, and that's a fantastic feature.

Here are Blizzard's official Warcraft Patch 4.3 notes on the Transmogrifier, along with a screenshot of the gear-changing interface and the room in Orgrimmar with the Ethereals who provide Void Storage and Transmogrifier services.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment Official Patch Update
You’ve been asking for it, and we were listening. In patch 4.3 you’ll be able to customize the appearance of your weapons and armor like never before.

The Ethereals, emerging from the nether, will bring with them a new technology they call Transmogrification. They’re heading to the capital cities of Azeroth to set up shop and to offer adventurers a unique service -- copying the appearance of one magical item onto another. They only ask for a modest gold donation to recoup their costs.

Visiting a Transmogrifier will present players with a new interface that will allow them to change the appearance of an item while retaining its original stats. This means that you can raid in your paladin tier 12 Immolation set, but look like you’re wearing Lightbringer, while priests can bring Benediction back -- at least in spirit. Hunters can once again roam the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale in their tier 2 Dragonstalker set. You could even slip into the saucy tailored Black Mageweave set for that matter. You know, with the thigh highs, and the little gloves, and the cute little… ahem.

Placing an item into the Transmogrifier interface will offer a preview of how the item will appear once the change is applied. However, not all item pairings are compatible with Transmogrification. In general, only items that have stats can be used in the transmogrification process. You must also be able to wear both items when using this service. Ethereals don’t have much in the way of ethics, but allowing someone to appear as if they’re equipping unusable items crosses the line. Similarly, they won’t allow you to change weapon or armor types. Sneaky death knights can’t make that breastplate look like a cloth robe, and you can’t make a one-handed axe look like a two-handed axe, or transform a sword’s appearance into that of a mace. Guns, bows, and crossbows will be the exception to this rule. You will finally be able to retain your dwarf’s racial gun bonus while appearing with all the splendor and elegance of a bow wielder (or at least the relative silence of one).

Placing items into the Transmogrify interface will increase the gold cost of the process, and clicking the Transmogrify button (assuming you have the necessary funds) will put the appearance change into effect. The process can be reversed by clicking the undo icon on each item, and then hitting the Transmogrify button once more to save the changes. Any item that’s transmogrified will have text indicating it’s been altered by the process for all to see, similar to the item tooltip callout for reforged items.

Transmogrification encourages players to hold onto items with sentimental or aesthetic value, and the Ethereals anticipate that personal bag and bank space will be at a premium now that everyone will be hoarding their frilly pantaloons and leather jerkins. In anticipation of this new demand for additional storage space, they’ll be introducing a unique Void Storage service. What’s Void Storage, you ask? We’ll provide more details soon.

We’re looking forward to seeing how players choose to customize their character’s appearance, and hope you’re as excited as we are for the arrival of patch 4.3 and the Transmogrification feature. Do you have a favorite set or weapon that you’ll be bringing back? Let us know in the comments below.

In addition, World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 will feature the raid finder and 3 new 5-man dungeons. The first of the five man dungeons is the Caverns of Time: War of the Ancients, which plunges players back into the annals of time to fight Azshara and her servants alongside Malfurion Stormrage and the Kaldorei resistance. We also have a patch 4.3 exclusive leak here at OwnedCore, with the other two 5-man dungeons available to players in patch 4.3:

A new Skywall 5-man dungeon will be released to players with Patch 4.3.
A new dungeon related to the storyline of the next expansion will see release with patch 4.3, tying directly into the problems that lead into the next expansion. It is also likely that the Abyssal Maw and N'zoth will be tied-in to the storyline of the hypothetical Mists of Pandaria.In addition, the details for the final Deathwing raid encounter have been released to WoW news sites across the Internet, including details of the actual final fight's mechanics. Apparently Deathwing's raid:

Includes 6-10 new bosses with a focus on "add control" and large-scale fights.
A final encounter with Deathwing himself where players are forced to climb on his back and wings to DPS down individual parts of his body. The Deathwing raid encounter will take players on a dangerous flight through Azeroth and it's environs, dipping them in lava, pulling them through bonecutting winds, and diving though Azeroth's expansive forests in a wake of flame.In addition, World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 notes mention a new Darkmoon Faire island with several new activities, including "Whack-a-Gnome"!

This will no doubt be one of World of Warcraft's most expansive and extensive patches in history, and we'll keep you updated with all the freshest news and latest World of Warcraft patch 4.3 notes.

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