A few people have commented about ways to make money, so I decided to put my nickel in since I'm not a new player.

1. Easy tip: do homework first. I noticed that when I started selling in AH certain items were not found! These items should be top on your list to craft, buy & sell in AH.

2. Notice items in AH that are ridiculously high in price and sell those such as on my server Elemental Air/Water/Fire are scarce and sell for bufu bucks. Also low end ore like Copper, Tin, Silver, Gold if mining are good money makers..why? cause high level players are too lazy to farm them, need mats for their twinks and AH tells me so.

3. Find NPC's who sell exotic pets (ie. Blue Dragonhawk Hatchlings are sold by Dealer Rashaad in Stormspire) and buy up a ton of the most expensive ones on AH or the ones that don't exist! Why, I have sold dragon hawk hatchlings that I bought from a vendor for 10g and sold them for 49-69g each on my realm, you do the math. None of the dragonhawk hatchlings existed on AH, so check your Auction House! This also goes for any limited available items from any NPC's when traveling around doing your questing such as "Strong Fishing Poles", Patterns, schematics etc.. These will sell for 10 to 25x or more what you paid for them and they don't cost much in the way of deposits for 48 hours listing like armor, ore or weapons do.

My favorites are "Goblin Rocket Fuel" recipe that my Engineer makes and no one on my server was crafting with a common parchment and engineer's ink which SOLD for a WHOOPING 199g at one point and recently selling for 69g just today due to another competitor selling. Pay attention to AH and you will make a ton of gold. Fishing is also an excellent source of income and some cooked fish can sell for high gold/stack. Another favorite was "Big Iron Fishing Pole" +20 fishing, which sold on my server for 100g every time i listed it, why you ask... I did my homework and none were available. That pole can be farmed in the Shellfish Traps in Desolace underwater by the horde village (drop rate is 1 out of maybe 8 -10 cages).

Last tip: Subscribe to WOW Armory for your mobile phone, worth the $3 to trade anywhere.

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