Monday, September 26

Infinity Brewfest Prize Token from There and Back Again

I found this bug at the first Brewfest event 2006 and I am using it every year.
I always keep it to myself only, because you know, post a bug here means asking BLZ for a fix quickly.
But I don't care now, WOW is boring and I maybe quit soon.

  1. Get this quest There and Back Again - Quest - World of Warcraft
  2. It must NOT be the daily one. If you completed it and it become daily then sorry do it on an alt.
  3. The quest ask you to carry the keg 3 times, go to the guy that gives you the kegs as usual
  4. Go back and just before you hand the keg to the assistant NPC, ABONDAND the quest.
  5. Now you should be lost your Ram Racing Reins, but still on the quest-given time-limited ram, have the keg in your backpack, and without the quest .Hand the keg to npc.
  6. You got 2 Brewfest Prize Token.

Cancel the quest given ram buff. Repeat 1-5 and farm as much Brewfest Prize Token as you want.
I am sure with some macro the "abondand quest" part can be a lot easier, and I will leave it to others to find out

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