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Level 70 Twinking guide

Let's get started by clearing up the common questions.
Q: What levels do you play against when you lock experience in battlegrounds?
A: 70-74

Q: Can you get gladiator titles or anything like that?
A: You can get rated BG titles and 'The Arena Master'

Q: How are 70 BG que times?
A: 70 BG que times are around 5-7 minutes tops

Q: I want to level past 70, how do I get into a 70 arena team?
A: First of all, you HAVE to have a level 70 team leader (Should be like a 70 alt or a friend that you trust), that way when you level to 72, your 70 twink leader can invite other 70 twinks.

Q: How much honor does it take to purchase full Brutal?
A: 1900 Honor

Class ChoicesViable 70 twinking PVP classes
Paladin, Rogue, Resto/Feral Druid, Frost/Fire Mage, Death Knight, Disc/Shadow Priest, and Shamans. (All classes are usable, these are just the most common and easier to play due to 70 twinking being a burst game)

Holy: Holy paladins are great for single-healing, they offer Blessing of Protection, Divine Shield to escape CC, melee silence., and party uninterruptable cast buff
Protection: Protection paladins gear themselves as if they were retribution, using beserking on their MH and titanium plating on their shield. They can pull off 5kAvenger's Shield and 7k Shield of the Righteous, they offer Blessing of Protection and a ranged silence as well as a melee silence as well as 3 defensive cooldowns (Divine Protection, Ardent Defender, and Divine Guardian.
Retribution: Retribution paladins can pull off a quick burst and is great in 3s, 5s. They offer Blessing of Protection, 3% more damage to your party members and replenishment and repentance
Benefits of leveling past 70 - Two talent points, Avenging Wrath (Very OP for ret paladins, 10k hammers of wrath; It is purgable/dispellable), and Engineering goggles [Healing and Ret.]

Restoration: Good at keeping all team members alive with HoTs, they offer faerie fire (Nightmare for feral druids, forces a rogue to cloak to remove) and the bonus of being unsnarable.
Feral: Offhand healing, powerful burst (9k ferocious bites, 2k bleeds), they offer faerie fire and the bonus of being unsnarable.
Benefits of leveling past 70 - Two talent points, Cyclone, and engineering goggles [Feral and Resto.]

Frost: Crazy burst (If you haven't noticed yet, frost mages are OP at any level as of 4.2), they bring to the table 3k-4k Ice lances, Deep Freeze - Spell - World of Warcraft, and Polymorph.
Fire: Crazy burst, but more periodic (has a lot less survivability however.), they offer Dragon's Breath and Polymorph.
Benefits of leveling past 70 (Mages shouldn't level past 70 due to diminishing stats and don't offer another spell) - 2 Talent points and engineering goggles.

Death Knights
Frost: Offers powerful Obliterates (5-9k), Hungering Cold, and Strangulates
Unholy: Offers Anti-Magic Zone and Strangulates
Blood: Great survivability, offers Strangulates, Rune Tap - Spell - World of Warcraft, and Rune Weapon to split DPS or hit one person hard.
Benefits of leveling past 70 - Two talent points, Archaeology axes , and engineering goggles.

Subtlety: Crazy Burst, rivaling mages. They bring to the table Cloak of Shadows (immunity to all spells), two Vanishes, and a uncleansable CC.
Benefits of leveling past 70 (Rogues shouldn't level past 70 due to diminishing stats and don't offer another spell) - 2 Talent points, and engineering goggles.

Shadow: They bring powerful Mind blasts (5-8k shadow damage spikes), Dispesion, 5 second ranged silence, and a party 5% haste buff.
Discipline: Best healer in the 70 bracket; provides 9k Power-word shields, Pain supression (40% less damage taken), and Power infusion.
Benefits of leveling past 70 (Priests shouldn't level past 70 due to diminishing stats) - 2 Talent points, DPS engineering goggles, and Mass Dispel

[Offers totems and Wind Shear]
Restoration: Good restos are able to tank ANY 70 DPS class alone; they bring Earth Shield, Mana Tide Totem, and Spirit-Link Totem
Enhancement: Good DPS, however should be used at 71 for Archaeology axes.
Elemental: Amazing burst, offers Thunderstorm (AoE knockback, usable during stuns) and optional +10% SP to party members.
Benefits of leveling past 70 - 2 Talent points Archaeology axes, and engineering goggles [Resto/Ele and Enh.]
BiS Twink Gear (Items left outside of the column are optional)

Engineering - Should always be leveled above all others, due to the 1/8 chance (Gnomes get a 3/8 chance) of getting Tazik Shockers (Fire a ball of electricity for 4320-5230 nature damage) or Synapse Springs (increase highest base stat by 480). Even if you don't get Synapse/Tazik, you still are able to use it's other powerful bonuses: Sonic Booster, Noise Machine etc.
Jewelcrafting - Provides 3 +34 stat gems
Herbalism - Increase haste by 240 and heal you
Mining - Increase stamina by 60
Skinning - Increase crit rating by 40
Leatherworking - 130+ AP to bracers and +75 AP to leggings
Blacksmithing - Additional glove and bracer socket


Rare 70 Twink Mounts
Ground Mounts
Firey Warhorse Reins - 1% drop chance from Attumen of Huntsman of Karazahn.

Reins of the Raven Lord - 1.8% drop chance from heroic Anzu of Setthek Halls.

Swift White Hawkstrider - 4% drop chance from heroic Kael'Thas of Magister's Terrace.

Rivendare's Deathcharger - 1% drop chance from Lord Aurius Rivendare of Stratholme.

Reins of the Grey Riding Camel (Comes with Camel-Hoarder title)
How to: Place your twink in Feralas along the beach, have a 85 friend find Mysterious Camel Figurines (scattered all over Uldum) he/she will be ported to Feralas, there they will find Dormus, he has 250k hp. Once your friend kills Dormus he will drop a camel, roll and win the camel and equip.

Flying Mounts
The famed Ashes of Al'ar - 1.7% drop chance from Kael'Thas of Tempest Keep.

Blue Proto-Drake - 0.2% drop chance from Satchel of Exotic Mysteries

Green Proto-Drake - 0.3% drop chance from Satchel of Exotic Mysteries

Time-Lost Proto-Drake
How to: http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/worl...oto-drake.html (The Ultimate Guide to Farming the Time-Lost Proto Drake)
Twink 70 Titles
The Explorer - Explore every continent
Of the Shattered Sun - Achieve exalted with the Shattered Sun and donate 1000 gold to them.
Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor - Discover "X" amount of rare artifacts.
The Argent Champion - Earn exalted status with the Argent Crusade and Argent Dawn
Guardian of Cenarius - Earn exalted status with the Cenarion Circle and the Cenarion Expedition.
The Patient - 50 successful heroic runs
Jenkins - Kill 50 Rookery Whelps in 15 seconds
The Camel-Hoarder - Obtain the Reins of the Grey Riding camel.
The Arena Master - 2200 rating in 2s/3s/5s, 300 arena wins, and last man standing.
Veteran of the Horde - Win trade 75 RBG games.
All RBG Titles

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