Thursday, September 22

Minecraft Meets World of Warcraft

What do you get when you toss Minecraft and World of Warcraft into a mixing bowl? How about a mod with the strange title of Mine of WorldCraft.

Although some may agree that World of Minecraft may roll off the tongue a little better than the current title, the mod's mixture of words was likely chosen to escape any legal hounds that may be sniffing at the project. Nevertheless, the game itself should remain unscathed. Unfortunately, little else is known about the mod save for what's seen in the video below.

The idea should be fairly obvious: it's a fantasy-based MMORPG using the Minecraft engine. The in-game world features the typical Minecraft pixilated visuals, but the overlying UI is more in tune with Blizzard's game or other MMORPGs on the market. Choose a faction, a gender, a specific class, and you're on your way to hacking up blocky wolves and donning super-awesome armor in a Minecraft/World of Warcraft hybrid environment.

Whether this mod is for real or just a joke on behalf of a very creative film maker, the clip is highly entertaining to watch. Little details will bring a smile to any MMORPG fan's face such as the Night Elf race that will "likely die out due to a shortage of males anytime now" to the description of the Paladin class which reads "Paladins are a weird kind of people with an extreme love for Notch and the color yellow."

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