Monday, October 10

The Escape From Durnholde

This is what I would call  a design flaw. And I do not know what has happened here. Ive tried to log out, and log back in. Enter a new fresh instance, but still the same result. There is no water in the ocean!

What happened here!?

The water is gone. And it's not like you are swimming in mid air. You ware walking on the bottom.
You can actually walk out a bit. There is no breath meter, nothing. It's like the water have been removed.
But as you can see the fishes are still there. I have not tested if it's possible to fish yet, since I have not learned fishing on my alt.

Here are some additional pictures.

What I wonder is this:
Is there something wrong with my World of Warcraft folder or do other people get the same results?

(P.S- This is just south of Southshore)

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