Saturday, October 8

Holy Wrath trick - permanent roots effect on battlegrounds

First it works only on battlegrounds (maybe on Tol Barad too, do not know exactly). And for pallies only

  1. If you have some demon mobs close to you (Warlock or Deathknight pets) and you are near any stone, tree, flag (for example on Arathi Basin) or building corner you should use Holy Wrath - Spell - World of Warcraft.
  2. The demons are in stun for 3 seconds it works as intendent.
  3. But after the stunning effect they will stay at that place all time while their owners will alive.
  4. You are going from them to 5+ yards and they will not hit you.
  5. Profit :P

Checked on Arathi Basin, Tween Peaks and Battle for Gilneas.

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