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Tuesday, December 20

Anyone else really tired of this gem-value paradigm?

The way I see it primary stat gems are a function of bad game design (though i'm not sure about primary stat enchants, haven't really given those much thought). I feel like for most specs there is no choice in geming...its a simple matter of stuffing your gear with as many primary stat gems as you can, with very few and / or non interesting exceptions. I'm sure if we could we'd walk around covered in red gems like some freakish blinged out monstrosity that can barely move under its own strength.

One way you normalize the price of gems is by removing primary stats like strength, agi, and int from gems all together...or at the very least in their pure forms. Perhaps cuts like agi/haste or str/mastery leaves players with enough room to make choices. Simply put, you fix prices by making the other cuts / colors more desirable. Proper gear design has a role in this too. For example, items with only red sockets are infinity stupid under the current stat disturbing...items like these are better off having their socket removed and the socket ilvl moved to strength or int some secondary stat.
To me, one of the most interesting specs when it comes to gearing is resto druids with their haste break points. With proper item design you could have something like yellow / red sockets (sans primary stat gem choices) with a meaningful-ish socket bonus where it provides players different ways of reaching the next break point for haste or some other stat.

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