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Tuesday, December 13

How to get Reins of the Blue Drake

Hey there guys, new trick using dungeon queu bug. U can farm for Reins of the Blue Drake with it!

Here is how you do it:

1. Get a few 80's together that will be able to queu for random heroic LK dungeon.

2. Let the 80's queue up to a random LK dungeon.

3. Invite the 85 farming character while queued.

4. Wait for the queue to pop.

5. Enter the dungeon as normal.

6a. IF it is oculus Complete the dungeon and BOOM, get Cache of the Ley-Guardian, with a chance of Reins of the Blue Drake in them.
6b. ELSE kill first boss, leave dungeon and reque.

7. ???

8. Profit.

Basiclly u will get this bag only in random heroic. And on 85 u cant qeue for LK heroic. This way u can get 85 into random LK heroic and recieve a bag.
You will only personally get this item if you got into the dungeon through the random dungeon finder. You also need to manually loot the chest, it will not go straight to your bag when loot pops up.
Cache of the Ley-Guardian - Item - World of Warcraft

Further away u can enchance Oculus-queu chance using Method one: group-assisted specific dungeon queuing. from link above.

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