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Monday, December 12

Arena Season 11 Begins

Arena season 11 has just begun and new S11 "Cataclysmic" set is finally available for purchase!
Along with new set, we're also getting back PvP epic gems purchasable for conquest points (750 each).

Ruthless set has been upgraded to s11 honor set, so if you're seriously thinking about fighting in arena, you might want to get upgraded ruthless set first.

After tons of requests from players, MMR, Team, and Personal Ratings have been finally reset. No matter how good you were in last season now you need to fight through your way to the top all over again. That means you'll no longer see lazy teams "sitting" on their ratings anymore, and only your skills will decide about your new gear!

Players who were in the top teams from each battlegroup at the end of Season 10 will also be receiving their end-of-season rewards shortly. These include Arena- and Rated Battleground-specific titles and, for players who have earned the rank of gladiator, the Ruthless Gladiator’s Twilight Drake.

Be ready for Fair and bloody battle between Horde and Alliance! (Unless you'll find any nice PvP Exploit )

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