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Monday, December 12

PiroxBots legally prohibited

As some of you might already know, last week - PiroxBots has been legally prohibited and with the date of January 25, 2012 PvP tool will be no longer available for use.
PiroxBots has been legally prohibited from offering programs for World of Warcraft
and is therefore no longer available due to legal reasons.
Support for existing packages will cease on January 25, 2012.

After that time PiroxBots does not exist anymore!

Thank you for your understanding and your confidence you've shown us in the last years.
As you can see Pirox haven't gave us much info (probably due to legal reasons), but the only thing we can be sure is that PiroxBots has been sued by Blizzard and either lost their trial or just didn't want to fight back.

We cant be sure when exactly PiroXBots has been sued, but some time ago PvP tool switched from lifetime to monthly subscription, that's probably was the time when they already known they might be closed (this is of course pure speculation).

How will PiroxBots closure affect other bots?
Blizzard obviously started their anti-bot campaign, as we know also HonorBuddy got served a while ago, Bossland still wants to fight back and he obviously wont give up so easily, but PiroxBots same as Honorbuddy were both located in Germany and both of them can be somehow reached by U.S. law.

HonorBuddy statement about PiroxBots Closure:

As of today Pirox announced a termination of his services on 25th January 2012.
By the time that Activision Blizzard had a trip to Germany, to meet at least 3 Bot Devs, one of them was Pirox ( July 2011 ).
Other than us, Pirox was ready to talk with Blizzard about an settlement, and as it seems they finally agreed the conditions.
The settlement was about stopping Pirox to work, not about personal details of users, that means there is no data going to Blizzard.
As of this was confidential, i could not have talked about it, unless it turns into public news.
As our forum probably will be flooded these day, there is a forum post of our Mod Kick, which mostly explains everything about Honorbuddy.

As we know, Pirox was storing World of Warcraft account data from their users and according to Honor Buddy statement, PvP tool users shouldn't have nothing to worry about, but we cant be 100% sure this is true, we can only hope that PiroXBots closure wont cause ban wave to their subscribers.

Why PiroxBots didn't let their customers know abut the legal situation before they announced closure? This question can be answered only by Pirox Himself, Either it was due to legal reasons or just his personal decision the facts remain unchanged - PiroxBots has been closed ant there's nothing we can do about it now. We can only hope it won't charm Pirox subscribers other way then just losing their bots.

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