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Spine of Deathwing 10 man non heroic Guide

This guide is for spine of deathwing 10 man non heroic.

The finish of this fight is to destroy 3 armor plates of deathwing, so everything you read under this, will come 3 times.

Sideeffects whole fight
If a player is bind by a tentacle -> 1 ranged DD must take him out.. dps until the bind breaks (bring 1 backup player)
Tentacles cast a debuff to 1 player -> Healers must heal the Player, until the debuff is gone.


1. Kill Tentacels except 1
Tentacles spawn -> Kill every tentacle except 1. Per Tentacle you kill, there spawn a big add (Hideous Amalgamation) and a blob (Corrupted Blood) from each position of a tentacle -> just tank them a short time.

2. Bring Deathwings to coil
If the tanks had the mobs and only one tentacle is up, move your group to one side of the spine and stand in the Fiery Grip. It´s a benefit for your healers and your hp to wait until the message appears that deathwing will make a coil before you stand in fiery grip.

If someone get´s bind by a tentacle just in the moment of the coil, let him.. just a little bit heal is enough. The bind of a tentacle will also prevent you from get kick from the back of deahtwing.

Right after the Coil move your group back to the middle of the spine. Now the big adds are gone.. only the blubs are left, but this is ok, you need them later.

3. Killing the last tentacle

So, one tank gets the blobbs and takes position next to the armor plate you want to destroy. The other tank stands a little bit offside the group and tanks the last big add which will spawn afte you kill the last tentacle.

The blobb tank now catches 9 blobbs. In this time, the dd´s will bring the big add to 20% hp. If it reaches the 20% the blob tank will taunt the big add and you bomb the shit out of the blobbs and the add.

Remark: As soon as a blobb dies, it will leave Absorbed Blood on the ground. The big add will only get a debuff when you bring him near to the absorbed blood. Only then the add will become a dmg increase!!

4. Destory the Armor Plate

Hast the big add 9 stacks of absorbed blood it will cast nuclear blast. during nuclear blast the add won´t move anymore. Be sure that this position is near an armor plate . The tank should now move back to group and your healer should use group heal cd´s. the dmg during nuclear blast is heavy.

If nuclear blast is finished, the armor plate get´s off and you have a short time to kill the cord. Safe your dmg cd´s for this time. After you killed the cord the armor plate fly´s away.

After that.. the fight start´s over. (Kill all tentacles except 1, bring deathwing to coil, kill last tentacle, catch blubs, kill blubbs and so on)

Important is that especially during the third armory plate, you will have a lot of blobbs spawn. don´t let them get to much, otherwise daethwing will make a coil and you wipe. Just kill the blobbs you don´t need, it´s ok, once again, nothing will happen until you kite the big add to the absorbed blood.

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