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Thursday, December 8

World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 Hotfixes and Christmas Sale

The official World of Warcraft blog has word of the latest set of changes made since the version 4.3 patch landed recently. The general notes are as follows, but as always there is a huge list of changes so check out the link if you want the full story:

  • Transmogrified items should always lose their transmogrification when mailed. 
  • The Darkmoon Firework no longer has a duration, is now holiday-bound, and requires Darkmoon Faire to be active. 
  • Darkmoon Faire revelers who enter an off-limits area in ghost form should now be properly ported out. 
  • Entangling Roots, Freeze, and Frost Nova should now properly break when the affected player takes 
damage while a damage absorption effect is also active.Additionally, there is a big sale on World of Warcraft stuff at the moment in the Blizzard store, including the Battle Chest for USD$5 - a cheap first taste of the good stuff to get you hooked.

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